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  1. Dejo

    Emirates Cup (28 - 29 Jul 07)

    Suazo is great.
  2. Dejo

    Nelson Rivas

    Juventusov dres Juventus kit
  3. Dejo

    Adriano "l'Imperatore" Leite Ribeiro

    Adriano scores and is very important for him.
  4. Dejo

    Luis Jiménez

    Lol I reallay dont like Jimenez
  5. Dejo

    Nelson Rivas

    Kovac he is not a player for Inter
  6. Dejo

    David "La Pantera" Suazo

    Suazo can play at RW and LW And Inter must play with 3 strikers.
  7. Dejo

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    Belive me that he loves Ineter more than Suazo-
  8. Dejo

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    Plesae Recoba stay
  9. Dejo

    Fabian Carini

    He is not a Inter player
  10. Dejo

    New Pazza Inter

    Beatiful video
  11. Dejo

    Who plays better in RB (Zanetti vs Maicon)

    Maicon RB Zaneti LB
  12. Dejo

    Fabio Grosso

    Good luck in Lyon Grosso
  13. Dejo

    Adriano "l'Imperatore" Leite Ribeiro

    Adriano please come back.
  14. Dejo

    Emirates Cup (28 - 29 Jul 07)

    We **** Valencia
  15. Dejo

    Inter - Barça (29 Aug 07)

    This is gona to be a grat match,Forza Inter
  16. Dejo

    Man Utd - Inter (1 Aug 07)

    We want win against Manchester