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    Ivan Perišić

    Finally!! Sick performance! did everything right, ruled the left wing, dribbled past defenders, insane crosses. If only he had more luck with that attempt in the dying minutes. Definately MoM for me
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    Rodrigo Palacio

    He reacted like that because he didn't knew if it went in or not. The others were asking he answered them like that while looking at the referee. Still i haven't seen any replay of the shot, seemed strange.
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    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    why bitch about it when the player himself wanted to leave, he's happier now ... I still think it's for the better. For both sides. All the best of luck to Maic! 2 legends leave the club in 2 consecutive days :(
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    Álvaro Pereira

    That Ramirez transfer and the fact that Penarol still has 30% of his rights reminded me that CFR Cluj (romanians), Pereira's former club will get 20% of an eventual transfer. Porto' s problem tbh
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    Gaston Ramirez

    wow, definetely didn't saw this commin' ... southampton better economically than Inter? haha, never tought i see the day
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    2012/2013 Forwards Rumors Thread

    vice this, vice that, fuck vice really .... so we really in for an attacking mid, a starter for For 2 eligible places behind the striker there are Cou, Wes, Ricky, Livaja and this X dude we're gonna get eventually. Enough i say, quality and quantity wise. So let Milito, Palacio and...
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    Álvaro Pereira

    interesting, last summer mercato Chelsea tried to get him but Porto was bitching as always and asked a ridiculous price, nowadays he's available for a lower one. Maybe he had a bad year or somethin. I say go for him full throttle.
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    Foreign language films

    Except from the 1st i know them, great movies. I have to rewatch Otto e Mezzo, difficult one indeed, don't think i got the whole picture a few years back. I remembered 3 more : Paris, Texas (1984) - Stalker (1979) -
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    Foreign language films

    Pan's Labyrinth is awesome! Also Oldboy. Here's some of my favourites: Das Leben der Anderen [2006] - El secreto de sus ojos [2009] - Malena [2000] - La haine [1995] -...
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    Joel Chukwuma Obi

    Obi leftback? Hmmm, maybe as an emergency solution. His posisioning is pretty bad, his tackles kinda sloppy and maybe too enthusiastic sometimes. He's not better than Naga, other than his strenght. I see him giving his best in the left of a 3 man central midfiled, but i have my guess that Strama...
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    Vaslui - Inter (23 Aug 12)

    Well i think u should definetly check them out, they're playing Pandurii, both teams are attack minded, good technical skills, should be really entertaining :)
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    Nigel de Jong

    Man's got like less than 11 months of his contract left, not that important after all i guess
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    OH NOOO Paulinho again! this is a bit of humiliation just begging this guy like it's some kind of a wolrd class gem. sometimes i just feel like our scouting team (if it really does existe) only works for primavera or somth. The same 3-4 fockin names are rolling in front of my eyes every day, me...
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    Nigel de Jong

    kinky and strange need of a destroyer when you just signed Mudingayi and still hold a high regard of Cuchu .... upgrade? not really tbh, unless we sell Cambiasso
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    Vaslui - Inter (23 Aug 12)

    I know them pretty well of course, surely a better and a bit more experienced team than the Split crew. Fener had 150 very tough minutes dealing with them, the lack of experience and clinical finishing though killed their enthusiasm in the end. Vaslui's defense is shit, their coach a stupid...
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    Inter - Palermo (1 Feb 12)

    Man, i just came to think about it and haven't figure out any other top team playing only 2 attacking players in its 1st 11. Now with Coutinho gone we have like only 2 attacking midfielders in the whole squad. Fockin' 2!!! :pokerface: