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  1. mexican_azzurri

    Inter Jerseys

    "L"..its G in spanish... :rollani: jaja
  2. mexican_azzurri

    Inter Jerseys

    Thanks for the advide, the said me that will not be stocked againd :chan:
  3. mexican_azzurri

    Inter Jerseys

    Someone knows where i can buy the second and third away in size G ? there is no more in the online store
  4. mexican_azzurri

    Luciano Spalletti

    In the end of the day Spalleti lose the game and all the faith of tifosi, his captain, maybe the all squad and his bosses. I cant see how he change it in the last weeks and future.
  5. mexican_azzurri

    Inter - Juventus (28 Apr 18) [2-3]

    Icardi craying in the bench was a terrible deja vú... Last time was the end of Ronaldo in Inter...should be the same with Icardi? After all anyone could work with a loser Coach (Cuper)
  6. mexican_azzurri

    Luciano Spalletti

    Spalleti played very well his card knowing that a draw against one of the principal opponents to the title would be enough in the race to scudetto which one can lose with the teams in the last postitions of the table.
  7. mexican_azzurri

    Mauro Icardi

    One thing is true: both (messi and icardi) choice was argentina over spain/italy. Their lives could be so different but the passion was in control over common sense.
  8. mexican_azzurri

    Mauro Icardi

    Every player of Argentina Squad in russia are talking to the media about Higuain and one more chance to be with the team. I think that Icardi and Maxi issue is already excuse to keep Higuain againts a better and younger striker like Icardi, i can be wrong but we will see in the next...
  9. mexican_azzurri

    Luciano Spalletti what the hell! :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  10. mexican_azzurri

    Davide Santon

    I almost cried when i saw the boy playing today. I did not know what we bought him (thanks to my job) One truly nerazzurro :interscarf::interflag2:
  11. mexican_azzurri

    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    No more "milito, milito, milito....goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, di milito!" is so sad, thanks for every goal Principe, a truly "killer".
  12. mexican_azzurri

    Chievo - Inter (18 May 14)

  13. mexican_azzurri

    2013/2014 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Sport daily
  14. mexican_azzurri

    Roma - Inter (1 Mar 14)

    This era mades me suffer like 90's. Maybe the next decade will be another pentacampioni and tripleta era like '00s. Anyway, Roma 2-2 Inter.
  15. mexican_azzurri

    2013/2014 Defenders Rumours Thread

    About Moreno rumour i just can say: he can do the job. He is not a leader (like Matrix) but he can repeat good performances every week. Important: Is not a World Class Defender, dont expect a Wally clone.
  16. mexican_azzurri

    Massimo Moratti

    Its time to changes i know, but i fucking crying because i cant imagine Inter without Moratti...His passion for Inter make me a Interista, Grazie Massimo...¡Grazie!