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  1. Keveen

    Inter - Milan (15 Oct 17) [3-2]

    Great! our attendance have increased this season also.
  2. Keveen

    Stefano Pioli

    Pioli is getting it wrong by the day. Killing the confidence he once built by himself. What a shame!
  3. Keveen

    Juventus - Inter (Coppa Italia) (27 Jan 16) [3-0]

    What went wrong??
  4. Keveen

    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    A pity I didnt see the Inter - Rube game
  5. Keveen

    Joel Chukwuma Obi

    Quite unfortunate for this kid.. Now he's going to have a surgery according to reports. Not a possible return this season. Wishing Him a successful operation under the knives and a quick recovery too. TI AMO OBI
  6. Keveen

    Tottenham - Inter (7 Mar 13)

    watching Kovacic last night made me see no reason why Coutinho was sold.. _still dumbfounded_
  7. Keveen

    User Name Changes

    seen! I'm Okay now, thanks.
  8. Keveen

    Antonio Cassano

    Whatever the situation, I know Cassano didnt fight Strama.. *Media Decadence!* I still admire Cassano.
  9. Keveen

    Joel Chukwuma Obi

    Obi actually retweeted my tweet to him and he didnt answer the question on when he is coming back.. Though I sensed its going to be pretty soon.
  10. Keveen

    User Name Changes

    pls just change the small letter 'k' to cap 'K' from keveen to Keveen
  11. Keveen

    Ezequiel Schelotto

    apart from the goal he scored. I thought a winger is supposed to be skillful? He was just a mediocre.
  12. Keveen

    Joel Chukwuma Obi

    I just sent him a tweet. Hope to get a response from him. It's quite a shame no one knows his present condition. Twitter: @Keveen
  13. Keveen

    2011/2012 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    Poli had arrived Just one playr need now!
  14. Keveen

    Carlos Alberto Tévez

    well from what presidente L'Inter said, Tevez will not arrive.
  15. Keveen

    2011/2012 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    if sneijder gets a better offer from chelsea or man utd, we should just sell him... Get Fab! ---------- Post added at 13:36 ---------- Previous post was at 13:33 ---------- we should only sell sneijder for a better price... Bring in ganso, fab or nasri..... There is no point keeping those who...
  16. Keveen

    Joel Chukwuma Obi

    he will be back in January 2011.. But with limited playing time.. Mariga * Muntari * Cambiasso won't allow him space..
  17. Keveen

    Inter Jerseys 2010/2011

    however its going to be designed, both the scudetto *and* CWC patches must appear boldly at the front.. Woah proud me..
  18. Keveen

    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Schweini, Macsh, Oezil,Jovetic OR Nothing!
  19. Keveen

    Inter Jerseys 2010/2011

    I'll wait until win the World Club cup And have the FiFA patch + coppa + scudetto
  20. Keveen

    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    The game is 2:00am 'Wednesday' UK Time! Watch out for the New Eto'o Fils (Weapon Of Mass Destruction)