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    Alessandro Bastoni

    He was injured for a couple of weeks. On his way back. From the match against Empoli (March 2nd).
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    General Primavera Discussion

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    Ciao from Norway

    Velkommen! :)
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    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Earlier today, when you clicked on coach on this showed up. He is the coach of Crotone. They removed it by now.
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    Primavera Transfer Speculation

    He was injured almost the whole season last year. He was on trial at Leicester last week, so doubt he will remain at Inter.
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    Mateo Kovačić

    My only hope now is that he gets benched at Real, and returns to us on loan in january.....
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    Patrick Olsen

    Little update on him after he was released. He is now playing in the top division in Norway for Haugesund, and i actually playing really good. Already a fan favorite. Also he just did this: (Don´t know how to put the video directly here.)
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    Patrick Olsen

    He moved inn with his girlfriend. Thats why he choose Norway. He was injured at the beginning of the season, if I am not mistaken and has not been picked by the coach after that. But he has been playing with the B team a few matches and done very well. Also Strømsgodset has this wizkid (Martin...
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    General Primavera Discussion

    Berretti is back this year. De la fuente scored the winner today vs Real Vicenza. Also Samaden confirmed it a couple a weeks ago.
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    General Primavera Discussion

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    Alessandro Capello

    He moved to Cagliari.
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    General Primavera Discussion

    We did lose Capello......
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    Patrick Olsen

    He is from Copenhagen in Denmark, not Drammen in Norway :) I am also curious of why he chose a norwegian team. Strømsgodset are the last years champions and they do play attacking football, so thats good. The last couple of years they have been loaning several youth players from Man City like...
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    Patrick Olsen

    The season has not started in Norway.
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    Inter: Wanting to sign Hernanes and Nani. Youth project..
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    General Primavera Discussion

    What a goal from Tassi again! Also bicycle kick from Bigotto!
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    Federico Bonazzoli

    To those who think he is the youngest player in history for Inter, he is not. Bonazzoli is older than what Bergomi was when he debuted in Coppa Italia. If this would be the Serie A he would be the youngest ever.
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    General Primavera Discussion

    What a goal from Tassi today! - - - Updated - - -
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    Primavera Transfer Speculation

    He's named Michael Ventre (born 1996). He is a forward/trequartista. He will join our primavera on a coownership and Vincenzo Tommasone (Born 1995. Also a forward) will move to Genoa on a coownership.
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    Rubén Botta

    He is registed at Livorno. Link