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  1. perika

    Lautaro Martinez

    I am not for sale Lautaro not at all ... he suffered while playing with Edin, there is no chemistry between them, they just can not play together, especially when chasing a negative or a goal plus
  2. perika

    Denzel Dumfries

    Sometimes as a team we are not clear in the market, we do not have money, we will have to sell, and then they connect us with players who are worth and have big salaries
  3. perika

    Goran Pandev

    Yes, the man who took Macedonia to the European Championship ... I have no words to describe how big Pandev is, I have seen myself twice (because I work in a media) officially for statements, even though the man is full of money and in his soul he is simple and pleasant to talk to and still...
  4. perika

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    As much as he was my favorite player in the past, the first goal he celebrated against us since then does not exist for me... end of story end of story
  5. perika

    Inter - Real Madrid (25 Nov 20) [0-2]

    A game that we must win and I hope with 1: 0 2: 0 or 2: 1 in any case a victory with 2 differences is on our side, on the other hand I hope that the Germans will beat Shakhtar or at least a draw, then everything is over in our hands, the goal difference and the mutual matches I think will decide...
  6. perika

    Treble 10 Year Anniversary

    I hope next season is our... Internazionale champion of the world... Amin
  7. perika

    Milan Škriniar

    Gooood player,excellent movements,and solid defenders skills
  8. perika

    Jeison Murillo

    Miranda need him and Murilo need Miranda ....
  9. perika

    Lazio - Inter (21 May 17) [1-3]

    take it easy guys,this game we win :) odds for us will be high,so put the money on Inter Win :)
  10. perika

    Inter - Sassuolo (14 May 17) [1-2]
  11. perika

    Genoa - Inter (7 May 17) [1-0]

    Expected result, we do not need any points.... Sasuolo game 100% X
  12. perika

    Goran Pandev

  13. perika

    Rodrigo Palacio

    No matter what ...Palasio it's time to retire or play in weak championship
  14. perika

    Juventus - Inter (5 Feb 17) [1-0]

    Mafia Merda Turin
  15. perika

    Happy Birthday to me - Perika

    See my black hair :D behind me :D :D i never fell old ..hahah i turn 45 now..but i feel like 25 or less :D :D cheerrrsss
  16. perika

    Happy Birthday to me - Perika

    :pazzini::datass::slick: Thank you .... - - - Updated - - -
  17. perika

    Southampton - Inter (3 Nov 16) [2-1]

    I believe in positiv score,i dont know why....just believe we can manage x or 2,l;ast night quote for Inter was 5,75,now its 4,20 :) goooddd luck
  18. perika

    Caner Erkin

    yeah,ur right Pajo ;) pozdrav
  19. perika

    Caner Erkin

    Once againe with slow reaction,i dont see Erkin ;)
  20. perika

    Antonio Candreva

    sunning will pay