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  1. Gasparroni

    Mario Balotelli

    Mourinho on the conferation: "There is no case against Balotelli. We don't have problems. The only reason why i subtituted him is because he didn't give his all. Tomorrow he can get another chance to play."
  2. Gasparroni

    Julio Baptista

    Yeah, SKY just said that Inter has officialy said no to Baptista. Now we are waiting for Ledesma who goes in court 26th January, just like Pandev did. Then he will walk the same route as Pandev, because Ledesma said this morning he wants to go to Inter only. So this is what to expect.
  3. Gasparroni

    Mario Balotelli

    Juventus - Napoli, and again racist chants........when is this going to end? Let Juve be deleted please.
  4. Gasparroni

    General Primavera Discussion

    In fact he already trained at Inter 3-4 years ago, but then Inter said he is still a bit to young and since then Inter kept an eye at him. So that he won't come back again doesn't have to be said. It seems like Inter is seeing something in him.
  5. Gasparroni

    Andrea Ranocchia

    There are rumours that Bari are behind Andreolli to cover Ranocchia's place for the rest of the season. We should handle very fast: give Burdisso to Roma in change of Andreolli, rent Andreolli at Bari and make a good deal that in the summer we can take over Ranocchia and/or Bonucci (for much...
  6. Gasparroni

    Amantino Mancini

    Maybe he prefers to stay at Inter to be surely able of going to the WC. I heard the tickets won't be cheap and Inter was crazy enough to pay him a high salary. As in the field I don't think it matters where he will go to, he will never play another WC himself.
  7. Gasparroni

    Italian Serie A 2009/2010

    After Balotelli, the fans of Juventus have found another victim. During Juventus-Milan they said racist things to Dida. Because of this Juventus is 'fined' €40.000,-. Wow, great job FIGC. I think that will scare the fans off.........
  8. Gasparroni

    Amantino Mancini

    Mancini didn't accept the offer of Marseille, he wants more money and seems to prefer to stay in Italy. Now he is waiting for an Italian team as it seems. He was asking 300.000 euro each month of Marseille. What does he think? He is only thinking of money, he could better leave Inter so he can...
  9. Gasparroni

    Davide Santon

    The agent of Santon said that Santon will remain 100% sure at Inter, that there has never been contact with Lazio and that now Chivu is injured, Santon will get his chance to play often. Great news.
  10. Gasparroni

    Mattia Destro

    His agent said today that Inter believe very strong in Destro and that he will surely stay at Inter. He also said to Destro that he just has to wait to get his chance, but it will arrive.
  11. Gasparroni

    Andrea Ranocchia

    He got injured against Fiorentina and needs an operation. His season is over. This really sucks......I hope we are still getting him in the summer. He is a great talent.
  12. Gasparroni

    Inter - Siena (9 Jan 10)

    Inter: 12 Julio Cesar; 13 Maicon, 6 Lucio, 2 Cordoba, 4 Zanetti; 5 Stankovic, 8 Thiago Motta; 7 Quaresma, 10 Sneijder, 27 Pandev; 22 Milito; A disposizione: 1 Toldo, 25 Samuel, 28 Stevanovic, 29 Donati, 31 Alibec, 48 Crisetig, 89 Arnautovic; Allenatore: José Mourinho Siena: 85 Curci; 87 Rosi...
  13. Gasparroni

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    No, he will be back soon. Shame he couldn't make tonight already.
  14. Gasparroni

    Marko Arnautovic

    He has said sorry. This is why Mourinho is giving him his chance. He finally seems to be improving. Let's hope he will get some minutes again tonight, but I'm nearly sure he will.
  15. Gasparroni

    Patrick Vieira

    2 great persons together again
  16. Gasparroni

    Ricardo Quaresma

    And like Pirlo said 1 week ago, the pitches in the Serie A are making things almost impossibile. It seems like a bad excuse, but we can't underestemate this. I think he has a very good point here. With good pitches in the whole competition, the playing style would surely look better at some...
  17. Gasparroni

    Mario Balotelli

    Best talent I've ever seen. Great movie, nice to see also this one, with some stuff from him in the primavera compared: Mw8ppQSTU3k And:
  18. Gasparroni

    Mario Balotelli

    Inter already did and Mourinho said he stands behind this because he thought the fine was not acceptable. He said to Balotelli that he must try to just play his own game without hearing things outside the pitch. But he also confesed that this is very difficult. Balotelli has always been a...
  19. Gasparroni

    Inter - Siena (9 Jan 10)

    He is called up, nothing wrong happend or what so ever. So there is no reason for him to be suspended for tomorrow.
  20. Gasparroni

    Amantino Mancini

    Because Mourinho his 4-3-3 was a big fail and since then Mancini and Quaresma have always been useless. It's not their guilty. It's not that they aren't good.