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  1. Tsuna

    André Onana

    Clearly didn’t watch the video
  2. Tsuna

    Robin Gosens

  3. Tsuna

    Benfica - Inter (29 Nov 23) [3-3]

    Time to bring in the primavera
  4. Tsuna

    Juventus - Inter (26 Nov 23) [1-1]

    Besides the goal, lautaro’s link up plays have also been terrible
  5. Tsuna

    Yann Bisseck

    let's hope he gets to start next game
  6. Tsuna

    RB Salzburg - Inter (8 Nov 23) [0-1]

    No, but he let a howler in during the Sass game
  7. Tsuna

    Davide Frattesi

    Well he aint a midfielder for nothing
  8. Tsuna

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    na not yet
  9. Tsuna

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    he fucked his wife
  10. Tsuna

    André Onana

    welcome back
  11. Tsuna

    Nicolò Barella

    it's funny cause the Podcast guys was saying he lost his fire :ROFLMAO:
  12. Tsuna

    André Onana

    why would we care if he's doing his job or not
  13. Tsuna

    Inter Jerseys

    wish they sold match kit's instead of only stadium version of the 3rd
  14. Tsuna

    Inter Jerseys

    Dumfries about to go insane tomorrow
  15. Tsuna

    Benjamin Pavard

    surprise there's no meltdown yet that our 30 mil signing hasn't played a minute yet
  16. Tsuna

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    anyone going to the derby? if they can purchase the derby scarf for me
  17. Tsuna

    André Onana

    you guys make it sounds as if he didn't also mention that he saw the club as only a stepping stone from his suspsenion. so what is the problem here?
  18. Tsuna

    Simone Inzaghi

    Barella is vice
  19. Tsuna

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    I don’t understand why we signed klaasen when we could of signed Kamada instead
  20. Tsuna

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    haha Milan