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  1. junior55

    Kristjan Asllani

    While its clear that we need to give time to this kid to grow, i am wondering if its worth trying him in a more advanced position as well. He has great regista skills with his long passes but since the defensive positional awareness is clearly not there i am not sure if its better to wait and...
  2. junior55

    Yann Bisseck

    I was watching the match on Sky Italia and Bergomi multiple times pointed out his ball watching tendency as very concerning. Not just in the goals but also in some of the crosses that Benfica failed to capitalize Bergomi was saying that the defender should not let the ball go through but...
  3. junior55

    Benfica - Inter (29 Nov 23) [3-3]

    Guys its not so much about the rotation of the players. We are not playing with the primavera Its more about the motivation and message given that this game doesn't count so fuck it Lets see if he can actually motivate them in half time to remember they are playing with Inter colors...
  4. junior55

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    Such a hard to match, difficult weather conditions, aggressive fan environment and very physical players. Winning this would mean lots
  5. junior55

    Coppa Italia 2023/24

    The fact that Motta made Bologna an opponent to be worried of deserves respect. Even though in the matches that he has played against us , bologna has just defended and had some good counters. I am not sure if in matches with opponents of their level Bologna is actually displaying attacking...
  6. junior55

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Yep he got injured. When asked about the substitution in half time Piolin said visibly pissed "I am not a great coach but I am good enough to not substitute my best player on the pitch in half time unless he is injured" which was funny imo
  7. junior55

    Inter - Roma (29 Oct 23) [1-0]

    Love Mou but he should give up on club career after Roma. The quality of his team play is so low that is hard to watch. I mean they were our opponents and I was actually feeling ashamed of their lack of effort/ideas getting forward. I can't see how Roma fans don't complain more.
  8. junior55

    Inter - Roma (29 Oct 23) [1-0]

    They have all the defense on yellow cards but we can't keep Calha on the field because he has a yellow. Fuck this shit
  9. junior55

    Torino - Inter (21 Oct 23) [0-3]

    Mikhy doing that run on min 93 is tucking impressive
  10. junior55

    General Primavera Discussion

    I was seeing our primavera match this saturday. I was in milan hence managed to see this match and then jump to stadium for the derby. Now , i don't know if Fiorentina is just very poor/young this year or they were in a bad day but i have never seen someone dominate the game like Kamara did...
  11. junior55

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    That sounds like hearing Michael Corleone and Luca Brasi speaking about football
  12. junior55

    Denzel Dumfries

    Shouldn't you hope he keeps up the good form instead and makes us win
  13. junior55

    Marcus Thuram

    More interested to know how much Giroud got injured xp
  14. junior55

    Kristjan Asllani

    Well you are putting forward a narrative that he is complaining or blaming Inzaghi which isn't true. In every albanian interview i heard of him when he plays with the NT he has always said no to the possibility of leaving on loan and confirmed that he is learning a lot while training with big...
  15. junior55

    Inter - Fiorentina (3 Sep 23) [4-0]

    Lautaro was asked about that after the game and he said that he will have new celebrations this year
  16. junior55

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    This will be my 4th derby in the stadium. Score so far 1 W - 2 D
  17. junior55

    Inter - Fiorentina (3 Sep 23) [4-0]

    3 youngsters, 2 players to debut and Asllani chasing minutes in the bench but we still keep doing the same subs apparently
  18. junior55

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Lukaku - Dybala will be a very good duo nevertheless in those 10 matches they will manage to play together
  19. junior55

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    I am surprised on Mourinhos inability to make the team play better in his 3rd year. I mean, this roma team shows nothing, they don't have ball control, they don't press, they don't use wings, nothing at all. Only football based on episodes. Stereotype aside Mou has never been so bad in the...
  20. junior55

    FIF's Dramatic last day of the Mercato - Summer 2023

    Lol what are you guys complaining for. Who did you expect as 6th/7th option in midfield for 0 euro lol The guy has a respectable career , scored shit loads of goals for a midfielder and for sure its much better than Gagliardini as an option in emergency and is just 30 ffs not 40.