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    Video Games

    There is a waiting list on (?) - on their local site, probably .fr for you. Im in the same boat. I think im going to wait for the ps5 pro when it comes out. Faster framerate, just overal better. Been waiting for so long Iv decided to wait some more lel. There is not really a...
  2. Doffy

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    I like this guy but how does he fit in Inzaghi's system? As support striker perhaps but then he will be in direct competition with Lautaro? Maybe we can still cancel Dzeko lol and Get Zapata who is also lethal and physical and ready to play every game. Either way Insigne alone wont do. Him and...
  3. Doffy

    Romelu Lukaku

    Relax, Don Beppe has this. 120 for lukunku... :notbad:
  4. Doffy

    Inter Jerseys

    So is there information what exactly the front is going to look like? looks actually quite alright compared to the other $int abominations :einstein: Are you guys planning to get the premium vaporknit or the regular stadium one?
  5. Doffy

    Copa America 2021 Brazil

    We lacked firepower up front after Vargas went off. With Sanchez not injured we could have won it. Bravo is top 5 in the world still up to this day. He consistently keeps bailing us out. Medel, still a dawg. Vidal, rudeboy. Pulgar; future capitano? I like these arg-cl clasicos ,keeps our...
  6. Doffy

    2021/2022 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Looks interesting. Maybe an option for lwb
  7. Doffy

    Romelu Lukaku

    He was our mvp this season but when Inzaghi starts to use him in a lone striker role with Eriksen behind him I only see epic failure. #SaveLautaro -- Yes, I would sacrifice Peak Lukaku to save Hakimi and Lautaro. and yes, double yes, I would bring Vlahovic to play with Torito. I also would...
  8. Doffy

    Achraf Hakimi

    This is worse than the banter era. We were about to make history with this team. Good times to see us slowly lose, first our coach and now our best players one by one. All because Steve fuckface Zhang decided to hold on to a football club when he has no money to invest. Spoiled idiotic piece of...
  9. Doffy

    Antonio Conte

    Without money Zhang can fuck off we don't owe shit to this Ccp bitch. Sell the club If Conte leaves I can't blame him. :datass:
  10. Doffy

    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021

    Second greatest season since the treble for me. Grande Inter. This squad loves each other and was actually the perfect mix of experience and talent.
  11. Doffy


    Just saw Zach Snyder his Justice League. Better, the first one was so bland. I dont think I even finished the first one. I wonder with this release if they are testing the waters before making another trilogy. If they do it has to be gritty and dark and serious like Nolan's batman trilogy or...
  12. Doffy

    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    Been a long time since iv seen blatant cheating like today. The ref was hilarious.
  13. Doffy

    2020/2021 Forwards Rumours Thread

    -- id rather see us get edu v instead of old ass cao :yao:
  14. Doffy


    Hm, perhaps in the future when Quantum computing becomes mainstream they will be able to hack into people's bitcoin account. Thing is I heard about bitcoin from early on, via tor and the darkweb. :D. Im not a pedophile. I just was a bored unemployed kid with not enough cashflow. To bad I had...
  15. Doffy

    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021 - The bookstores didnt sell it around here due to some bankrupcy...
  16. Doffy

    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021

    Forza. Ordered the Gazetta dello sport. Going to have to frame that shit. Also, I think me or kurt were amongst the first ones to call it. Grande Conte
  17. Doffy

    Geoffrey Kondogbia

    Always said this kid wasnt so bad. He was our black sheep back then and cracked under the pressure. Errors aside showed some nice things with us. Maybe he matured in spain and has his confidence back
  18. Doffy


    I don't see an incentive for Connor to fight Usman. He will get beat up, embarrassed, again. No way that's going to happen. He needs a win after all his loses recently
  19. Doffy

    Romelu Lukaku

    At the end he could have layed the ball off to Lautaro. The game would have been finished. Such a frustrating player when he is not scoring. He literally turns into heskey
  20. Doffy

    European Super League Discussion

    Im ok with it (barely) if it replaces the CL. But only if we remain in Serie A. You can not just break an ancient tradition like that. Fans will revolt. That said it will be nice when those guys who created ffp shit their pants in frustration. This is the direct result of bad policy and corruption