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    Football Podcasts

    I didn't want to post this in the FIF podcast thread but I will do it here. So, I met two other guys on Twitter few years ago, and as the end of May we decided to start an Inter podcast where we will chat shit about everything and give our opinion on different topics. You can give us a listen...
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    Andrea Pinamonti

    Pretty sure we're set with that (45M). I don't think Benfica would agree with us inserting a buy back option, but also if they do it won't be as low as the option on Radu with Genoa. Gabigol did not work out for them either. If it was up to me, I'd keep Pinamonti on loan at a Serie A club and...
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    Ivan Perišić

    We don't have to hate him. He contributed enough so I can be fine with him. But, him wanting to leave us in January is pretty shitty thing to do, considering he expressed his desire to leave like 10 days before the transfer window closed. I hope that we can get at least 30M for him in the next...
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    English Premier League 2018/2019

    Manchester United's defense is shambles. I don't watch as much PL but it's shocking to see such club having a bad defense and still being up there. I'm sure if you put Man Utd's defensive line in Serie A in some random club, you'd have the worst defense in the league. De Gea is the best keeper...
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    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    Lazio are very weird team. They're playing a good football, but their stupid mistakes often lead them to concede many goals. If they kept De Vrij and Acerbi tho, it would have been another story. Milan with so many injuries are 4th in the Serie A. Props to them, seriously, I don't know how...
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    Mauro Icardi

    Just came across this edit on twitter. It's so fucking beautiful! (by Emilio Sansolini (@EmilioSansolini))
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    Yann Karamoh

    Mans scored a banger today vs Nantes.
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    Forza Inter picture album

    Surprise, surprise. Last time that Pajo participated in something related to Armata was when we're actually good, pre peak banter era, around 2011. Glory hunter as some would say.
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    Forza Inter picture album

    Inter Club Macedonia! (230 official members for the season)
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    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    nothing can get me so fucking excited as our win, especially when it's so fucking late (both vs Lazio and Tottenham). just a few words from me: - Brozo is a fucking class and i hope that he continues like this - Skriniar can play wherever he wants - Vecino was the one that made the pass to...
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    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    i don't like Vecino at all, but Joao Mario? Please, the guy that showed 0 desire to play for our shirt, shat on our club and the league. p.s he isn't called up for the CL
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    Tickets to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

    I was wondering if it's possible to buy tickets from if you're not a member? My gf isn't a member of Inter Club, but i am. I thought i saw something about this issue earlier in the summer, but i'm not sure.
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    CL LIST and Settlement Agreement BS

    What a shitty opinion. We were destroyed by the small teams last season (even many season before that) but we either slapped the big teams or it was very, very close. People are underestimating Inter, which can only be a good thing since Spalletti loves to play his counter football and that's...
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    Inter Jerseys

    The kit's awesome, but those shitty tiles pattern is awful. Inside the cross, is the map of the city of Milan if I'm not mistaken.
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    2018/2019 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Not sure if anyone already posted the newest info on Modric but i'll do it anyway. So, Di Marzio said that Florentino and Modric will have a meeting in the next week (he is back from the vacation on Friday). At the end, the will of the player will be decisive.
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    João Mário

    Welcome back, legend! A welcome video for u:
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    Player Suggestions

    I have a soft spot for Chiesa and would like to see him at Inter. Spalletti likes him + fits his style of play/his type of player.
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    Nations League huh? EURO 2020 knocking on the door I'm being told.. 2 yrs too late but he has an academy, maybe that's why.
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    Stefan de Vrij

    Last season, Asamoah was better than their 70m rated left back and Kwadwo isn't even a natural LB. As a free transfers, I'm happy with both de Vrij and Asamoah, considering we didn't have good rotation options on both positions.
  20. Me2


    According to Mundo Deportivo, Juventus is interested in Rafinha :oblivious: