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    Whom do you miss most?

    Zanetti Ronaldo Maicon Materazzi
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    Bologna - Inter (1 Sep 18) [0-3]

    I love how Vrsaljko did more in 9 min than D'Ambrosio did in 82 min. Can't wait for him to be healthy and actually cause teams some problema down that flank.
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    how do people here feel they will utilize Hernanes??
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    Mateo Kovačić

    this team isn't bossing anyone for a long time
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    Juventus - Inter (3 Nov 12)

    WHAT A GREAT DAY where can i find match photos for the day?
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    Juventus - Inter (3 Nov 12)

    we got this
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    Wesley Sneijder

    the prospect of not using Wesley against Juve is madness of course you use your best creative player in the hardest match of the questions asked.
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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

    no love for naga it seems. i like naga and his tireless movement
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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

    I sense a Mudy Red.
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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

    we're so fucked when we lose sneijder in january
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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

    i guess were going to need another milito/palacio show
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    Julio Cesar

    Julio is a legendary keeper it was sad to see him leave...especially to one of the worst premiership teams in existence today. i think he could have helped a top club for another couple of years. That being said Hando is a beast and has saved our ass several times already.
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    Bologna - Inter (28 Oct 12)

    i watched some of it... catania got robbed of a fair goal juve merda
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    Inter Jerseys 2012/2013

    i wish inter kits were made by adidas
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    2011/2012 New Manager Rumors Thread

    eww seriously? after watching him put chelsea in shambles. they guy couldn't put a drop of confidence in his team decisions and Chelsea fans are happy he's gone.
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    Carlos Alberto Tévez

    I've always hated that we gave balo away.
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    Carlos Alberto Tévez

    god no! why would you want to get rid of Pazzo?!
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    Inter - Trabzonspor (14 Sep 11)

    100% agree...Inter is in a slump 9 times out of 10 Inter win this match.