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  1. Pajo

    Inter Streams

    Any decent stream boys?
  2. Pajo


    Yeah, everything is better with the Titanic music :lol:
  3. Pajo


    I decided to fast for Easter, good for me, or i'd be drunk for 3 days :D
  4. Pajo

    2022 World Cup Qualifiers - Europe

    I couldn't sleep entire night lol. I decided to fast for health purpose, good thing that, or i would have been wasted AF today :lol:
  5. Pajo


    Yo. :D Hows this morning guys?
  6. Pajo

    Atalanta - Inter (16 Jan 22) [0-0]

    Guaro must have possessed Dzeko.
  7. Pajo

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Some say he still waits to get in the game.
  8. Pajo

    Matthias Ginter

    I don't follow bundesliga but I remember this guy being hyped af few years ago. How good is he really? Worth the hype, lived up to his potential, failed or what?
  9. Pajo

    Samir Handanovic

    Radu is crap. We need Handa, even at this age. As a first choice captain and senior GK, he would be of huge help for both Inter and Onana when he comes. I believe Handa would stay if he is offered rotational position and not 50% wage, similar to Buffon and Juve. But we are idiots if we told him...
  10. Pajo

    André Onana

    Great deal. His suspension was fucked up but i believe he will come back as strong as he was before that. Forza Onana!
  11. Pajo

    Marco "Matrix" Materazzi

    One of those players that you hate if he isn't yours, but love him if he is. Grande Matrix, diehard interista!
  12. Pajo

    Spanish Primera Liga 2021/2022

    If Cholo stays, there is possibility if someone offers good money, him to be sold. If Cholo leaves, no idea, probably they will wait on the new coach requests and evaluation.
  13. Pajo

    Spanish Primera Liga 2021/2022

    Atletico are God awful this season. Not inconsistent, but God awful. Worst form in the past 10 years, arguably with the best players. Not sure how are they in top5 and trough from CL group stage. Today is 10 years anniversary for Cholo in Atletico. 10 years. Brought a lot to them, but IMO it's...
  14. Pajo

    Nicolò Barella

    They yellow was okish. But i literally did a facepalm later in the game where he went to fight Salernitana player, but remembered he got a yellow and backed off :lol:
  15. Pajo

    Alexis Sanchez

    We should deffo not offload him. He pisses me off often but he is still quality player.
  16. Pajo

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    RDP is vastly overrated in this forum. The guy has had a decent few years in Udine (granted, impressive last year), but is nowhere near as good as some make him to be. He had all the freedom in Udinese, he was their only good player, and could do whatever he wants. Once he got to better team...
  17. Pajo

    Inter - Cagliari (12 Dec 21) [4-0]

    Imagine your GK to be MoM and you concede 4 goals :lol:
  18. Pajo

    Inter - Cagliari (12 Dec 21) [4-0]

    If it wasnt for Cragno it would have been 7-0. Or 8.
  19. Pajo

    Nicolò Barella

    Brozo is a machine, not a man. There is rarely someone with that stamina, at Inter, I only remember him and Zanetti.