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    Sandro Tonali

    Nesta : Ï'm 99% Inter's player." Next day, Milan : "Welcome new Baresi."
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    Mauro Icardi

    Inter did the same to pazzini. Who go to his locker only to findout it's already belong to cou. Cou even forced to tell pazzini he never asked for it.
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    Walter Mazzarri

    dat sub at 93' :troll:
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    Parma - Inter (1 Nov 14) [2-0]

    still waiting for 3 consecutive win
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    Samir Handanovic

    Man of the Match for today match
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    Inter - Sampdoria (29 Oct 14) [1-0]

    i don't mind we play shit, bcoz we win and jube lose to genoa today :trollol:
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    Walter Mazzarri

    @InterWhatsup Mazzarri is genius, instructs boys to play bad football while sending a signal: "Mancini you don't want this team bothering you, do you?" :lol:
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    Walter Mazzarri

    against 10 men cesena, still showing no ball or gut :palm:
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    Cesena - Inter (26 Oct 14) [0-1]

    cesena add striker where is your ball WM?
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    Walter Mazzarri

    fuck 3 points or win let's stick with 3-5-2 till long whistle no matter what
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    Inter - Saint Etienne (23 Oct 14) [0-0]

    what a coward coach didn't have ball to play 3 striker for win
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    Walter Mazzarri

    looks like number 3 is sacred for him never 3 consecutive win no 3 consecutive lose this morning and 3 point is a challenge for him :challenge:
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    Inter - Napoli (19 Oct 14) [2-2]

    thank God i always watch Inter match no matter how disappoint Inter play what a drama this morning
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    Inter - Napoli (19 Oct 14) [2-2]

    :oblivious: :palm:
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    Inter - Napoli (19 Oct 14) [2-2]

    never 3 consecutive win by Mazzarri no 3 consecutive lose too i guess :notbad:
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    Inter Streams

    any streams for tonite game?
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    Fiorentina - Inter (5 Oct 14) [3-0]

    No Jono No Party No Kuz-man No Win
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    Fiorentina - Inter (5 Oct 14) [3-0]

    fio's players know how to press and mark Inter' players meanwhile Inter's players know how to watch, long pass, and cross the ball
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    Inter - FK Karabakh (2 Oct 14) [2-0]

    he want to show everyone he dont have dominant foot remeber even Zanetti confused which is Naga's dominant foot
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    Inter - FK Karabakh (2 Oct 14) [2-0]

    only xavi know how to pass