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  1. Big Willy


    Stay safe brother.
  2. Big Willy

    The General Inter Stuff Thread

    Pagliuca, Córdoba, Suárez and Eto'o for me.
  3. Big Willy

    Help a brother out

    Thanks man! Answered! Thanks a lot brother.
  4. Big Willy

    Help a brother out

    Hello guys! I need a help with this one. A few months ago I was informed that I had right to a Italian citizenship because of my grand grand mother, who was born in Savona in 1895. I need to create a case and present all the evidence that I actually have Italian heritage, to do that, I have...
  5. Big Willy

    Joaquín Correa

    This guy will be a beast here. We've managed to keep somewhat competitive with these transfers.
  6. Big Willy

    Lautaro Martinez

    More like 70.5.
  7. Big Willy

    Romelu Lukaku

    Grande Rom, thanks for everything and good luck.
  8. Big Willy

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Read that. Shit is bad. As someone said in the last page, Suning wants to sell everyone, cash-in and GTFO.
  9. Big Willy

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    According to Marca, negotiations between Barcelona and Messi broke down and he won't renew. Now, I know it's an impossible situation, but I'm just curious dude and want to ask a question for the well informed: How much could cost to sign Messi for a year? Including possible signing fees, and...
  10. Big Willy

    The Suning Commerce Group

    I hope these piece of shit owners leave asap.
  11. Big Willy

    Romelu Lukaku

    We should get Simy.
  12. Big Willy

    Nahitan Nández

    Would be a good fit for us.
  13. Big Willy

    Inter WhatsApp Group

    The fact your phone was cum resistant didn't mean it was saltwater resistant :unsure:
  14. Big Willy

    Post-migration Issues/Suggestions

    AUW, the site is badass af. Congrats! EDIT: Bono, my likes are gone. 😭😭😭😭
  15. Big Willy

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

  16. Big Willy

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Did you started watching football yesterday, by any chance?
  17. Big Willy

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Blanc would be actually decent IMO. Better than Sinisa and Deki, maybe except Fonseca.
  18. Big Willy

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Media says we're contacting Mihajlovic. Anyone can share the suicide hotline?
  19. Big Willy

    Manager Suggestions

    I wouldn't mind him or Blanc, at least until we find some stability (lol)
  20. Big Willy

    Antonio Conte

    Conte to LGI? How old are the ones for voted that shit, seriously?