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  1. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Marko Arnautovic

    Rocchi was a far better player, it's just that he almost retired when he joined us. Even Schelotto was more useful than this guy, at least dude scored in the derby.
  2. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Matteo Darmian

    I already voted 5 back then, you guys should 'like' me for my vision.
  3. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Even his interview wasn't world class
  4. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    Has he ever played this good in his career? What a fucking signing for us!!!!!!!
  5. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Lautaro Martinez

    omg, this guy is playing like prime Milito :oops:
  6. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Carlos Augusto

    'Only the signature is missing' :yao:
  7. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Milan Škriniar

    Zhang is a member of thank coalition, he just 'likes' whatever he sees on Ig
  8. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Ivan Perišić

    I didn't even realize that was Perisic :lol:
  9. Ffi201zi002tlis

    André Onana

    imagine selling Onana to get Lukaku who choked in both European finals, with huge salary and will be finished in the next few years with zero resale value :einstein:
  10. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Raoul Bellanova

    What source claimed he's a true Interista? Dude wore Bbilan's shirt while taking selfie with a Rube player :lol:
  11. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Valentín Carboni

    Keep him here and give him Correa's minutes
  12. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    KDB is shit in big games. Modric was on another level though.
  13. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Playing for top clubs in his entire career and only reached CL semi-final twice, with zero goal contribution, and even worse NT performance, and now the media is hyping him as one of the best football legends in history :lol:
  14. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Dude has only 2 CL campaigns where his teams managed to reach SF, and we destroyed them both times :yao:
  15. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Steven Zhang

    He's clearly lack of money, but what kind of leadership do you expect? At least he let his capable employees do their jobs. Of course things are not perfect (financial problems, shirt sponsorship, some wasted transfer) but overall, we have improved other aspects as well (on the pitch results...
  16. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Serie B

    shit, I thought I can find some Rube news here when I saw this thread had new posts
  17. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Steven Zhang

    He also doesn't try to be a smart ass except financial decisions since we're broke. Some presidents keep changing their coaches or even try to interfere too much.
  18. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    meh, it's Inzaghi's favorite competition. Even Handa on wheelchair should be enough to handle this Fio
  19. Ffi201zi002tlis

    Napoli - Inter (21 May 23) [3-1]

    That's too far, fuck him though