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    Federico Dimarco

    Great goal today.
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    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    And a first start for our former boy Radu (i believe we have the rights to repurchase).
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    Tickets to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

    Only on thursday. from "STAGE 2 - HOLDERS WE ARE : the second sales phase will begin at 10.00 on Thursday 13 September and will cover all holders of a 'Siamo Noi' card, provided it is purchased by Monday 1 September and with the recognition procedure completed. This phase will...
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    Roberto Mancini

    He will probably lose interest and be dismissed after FA will make it clear that he can't summon Yaya Toure
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    Senna Miangue

    And was invited by Roberto Martinez, for a series of training sessions with the group of the belgium national team. :notbad:
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    General Primavera Discussion

    A late update. the primavera won the game against Salernitana last week 5-0 (Piscopo, Butic, Pinamonti x2, Gaydu). keep an eye on Vanheusden (cb) and Awua (dm). right now is the 3 game of the season vs VIRTUS ENTELLA (live on Sportitalia) - 1 Di Gregorio, 2 Gravillon, Vanheusden 5, 3...
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    Empoli - Inter (21 Sep 16) [0-2]

    the only thing that bother's me is the yellow of medel,miranda and murillo. just watch out.
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    Mauro Icardi

    i will take back kovacic + another 15 m and its a deal :epicwin: :okay: :okay: :okay:
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    VfL Wolfsburg - Inter (12 Mar 15) [3-1]

    with all the respect to carrizo world class show, mancini is the fucking fucker tonight. hey mancini, what the fuck are you doing?! man im so pissed. we really had a chance to get a good result, until this genius decide to fucking mimic our beloved god mazzari. wtf. btw, fuck carrizo too...
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    General Primavera Discussion

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    Mateo Kovačić

    i know how you feel jesus :okay:
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    2013/2014 Serie B Fixtures

    bianchetti (not sure but maybe injured) and bendetti pretty solid too. what do you think about this two?
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    Juventus - Inter (2 Feb 14)

    taider and rolando, both with pretty good game. keep it up. botta need to get more minutes. jonny and fucking palacio will make me a heart attack. alvarez right foot is just lol. give me hernanes next to taider, kovacic infront of the defence and botta behide ICARDI! i wanna rape sassuolo after...
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    Juventus - Inter (2 Feb 14)

    fucking palacio again
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    Juventus - Inter (2 Feb 14)

    its time to hunt some zebras. come on guys give your hurt out there. forza inter!:interscarf:
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    Patrick Olsen

    why is he still here? fucking kuzmanovic played before him, so now with hernanes...
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    2013/2014 Serie B Fixtures

    fuck varese coach..
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    Inter - Milan (22 Dec 13)

    are we playing againt bayern away or what? our only creative force in alvarez is out? lets put zanetti in! yeah that will solve our problam. what a shame for kovacic, he deserve this spot. our subs are more exiting then our lineup. anyway, forza inter!
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    Mateo Kovačić

    great assist tbh. im watching the game and great second half from him. almost score after taking on 3-4 defenders from the middle of the pitch. what beer?
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    Atalanta - Inter (29 Oct 13)

    it's botta fur sure: