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    Valentín Carboni

    So one goal for this guy and suddenly he is an Mbappe level talent that should be nurtured as such. Jesus...
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    Stefano Sensi

    The way some people still hype this guy after 5 good-ish matches 4 years ago and then nothing injuries and poor performances since, is absolutely hilarious. One of the worst signings of the Marotta era, no doubt.
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    Marcus Thuram

    Lets have him score 20+ goals in a season before we start blowing him.
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    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    New CL format is a complete joke. 36 teams, one giant league, 8 games in groupstage per team and only 12 teams goes out after the inital groupstage. More games =/= more quality. UEFA is a joke.
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    2023/2024 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Sadly Zielinski would be an obvious Barella replacement tbh. With Marotta admitting a big player will have to leave every summer, it would make perfect sense to sign Zielinski for free and sell Barella for 80-100m.
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    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    People here needs to stop with the "going out of the CL is huge boost to win the scudetto", its absolutely idiotic. First of all, even if Milan goes after the groupstages, Inter will likely go out after the first or second KO stages anyways, 2 or even 4 more european games dont make or break a...
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    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    30m for 34 year old who looks like he is completely finished at top level? Might not be the best idea.
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    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Inter should stay away from the market in the forward department until next summer, unless absolutely needed. Arnautoshite and SancheZzz are deadwood, getting another garbage cheap forward would be insane.
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    Lautaro Martinez

    Surprised there arent any "we sold have sold him for XX euroes" posts here after last night.
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    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    1 loss, FIF go ape. 1 decent camo from Arnautoshit, FIF went ape and called him the new zlatan, now everyone is seeing the light? Why is this board so hyperbole? Winning ANY game means Inter are the best teams in the known universe, losing a game means the opposite. How about some perspective...
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    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Aslani is a second rate talent, but not his fault tbh. A bum like him shouldnt be anywhere the starting lineup for Inter. People here needs to get over their Balkan fettish, in reality most arent good enough, asslani is one of them
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    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Imagine being raped by Soceidad, a true farmers team. Terrible performance.
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    Marko Arnautovic

    Long way to those 15+ goals people here predicted him to get so far :ROFLMAO:
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    Alexis Sanchez

    Rumours say he was drunk driving with Vidal
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    Davy Klaassen

    Fine deal for a 5th choice midfielder.
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Its a good-ish mercato considering the limited funds and the many players needed. Marotta really had to jiggle funds around alot to make ends meet. Great: Pavard. good: Fratessi, Onana fee, Thuram (too high salary) Okay: Sanchez, Augusto, Caudrado. Getting rid of some low value trash, pray that...
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    FIF's Dramatic last day of the Mercato - Summer 2023

    The overreaction about Klassen as a free signing and a sub/rotation midfielder is hilarious, what did people expect? Signing KDB on the last day? Reading ignorant nonsense like "Klassen is the dutch gags" is just embarrassing tbh. Klassens has absolutely nothing in common with gags. The attack...
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    Carlos Augusto

    Haha no you wouldnt, they didnt say anything ridicullous about 15m€ starters completely out of context like you did... Either way, this team is of full of mediocrity, basically only Lautaro, Barella and Bastoni are above mediocre. I'd rather have a good starter and a fringe sub, rather than a...
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    Carlos Augusto

    What on gods green earth are you talking about? Where did i write anything about a 15m€ starting player? A 15m€ backup is a luxury for Inter. A cheaper player or a loan could mean there would be more funds for a starting player. No idea how you possibly missunderstand that and translate that to...
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    Carlos Augusto

    The point is that 15m is a pretty big fee for Inter, and considering Dimarco isnt injury prone and can play alot of games a lower profile sub (or a more versatile one) could have a been gotten for a lower fee and the money could have been used to improve the starting 11. Inter have downgraded...