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  1. Strale

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    In Serie A at least Rube got caught and punished back then (a huge footnote needed here though). These EPL guys, my sense is there is no muscle there to make these teams pay. It's just a feeling, hope I'm wrong and they relegate these fuckers.
  2. Strale

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Teams will need 40-player squads ffs to compete in all these overlapping tournaments/leagues, international games... There should be a limit of games per season, you have 50 games per season and fuck off, tinker as much as you like with formats
  3. Strale

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    I didn't catch one mistake Scamacca made. He scored an irregular goal though, but very solid performance.
  4. Strale

    Benjamin Pavard

    When he got up from the strecher I celebrated like we scored, but now I feel uneasy again...hope we'll have results soon
  5. Strale

    Inter - Roma (29 Oct 23) [1-0]

    It's a shame though, those are some great names, but it is what it is, and they'll be very dangerous. Lukaku will be very good here I am afraid, our players need to chill, it's 3pts that's all it is imo
  6. Strale

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    We need ACM to stay in Euro tournaments somehow, especially considering our lack of real Lautaro/Thuram backups. I was sure they'll do better in CL, but there you go, mofos...
  7. Strale

    Milan Škriniar

    I get the point, and I agree re Skriniar, but as soon as I finished reading this I remembered Nainggolan :lol: Now, I can't remember what he said when he signed for Inter, but my strong feeling was "Fuck everything, I don't wanna be here"
  8. Strale

    The Suning Commerce Group

    No need for big signings imo keep what we have, sort out financial stuff, proceed as quickly as possible with the new stadium and leave Marotta and Ausilio to deal with everything football related. As a fan, I really don't need to see a freakin Neymar, even a new Neymar. This is a team sport...
  9. Strale

    Lautaro Martinez

    I can't remember all their lineups over the years, but for me this is the first time in 20+ years that they actually have a competent midfield, in all positions. The guy from Viola is meh...
  10. Strale

    Carlos Augusto

    Seems like an awesome player. After I would say decades of mediocrity or downright subpar players on that postions we now have two beautiful options for LB (Gosens as well). That being said, shame he is not right footed lol
  11. Strale

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    Me too, I was certain this is what he needed. He still has a lot of time ahead of him though and Guardiola knows how to coach midfielders.
  12. Strale

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Watching Yellowstone. Not a terrible show, head of a family owns a big ranch in contemporary Montana and fights with everyone to keep it. Few crazy characters, nothing we didn't see before, but they are done ok. Beautiful scenery. Politics of the show is unsual imo for TV series, but I guess...
  13. Strale

    Lautaro Martinez

    Do you guys know how other fans feel about him? Are they scared or impressed? Or do they think we overrate him? I am in a bit of a bubble I know how I felt about eg Shevchenko or Dybala at Rube, I wonder if they feel similar about Lautaro
  14. Strale

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    The guy who said "Check complete, perfect" without saying what the check showed mislead the main ref imo, but the main ref should have made sure what the VAR ref was sayng. My template for these situations would be:"What do you mean by Check complete, you dumb fuck."
  15. Strale

    Inter - Benfica (3 Oct 23) [1-0]

    Such a hard and exciting game to watch. Sociedad and Benfica felt way tougher than any Serie A team we have faced or will face this season.
  16. Strale

    Federico Dimarco

    As a typical fanboy, I would say if you even want a "No" 120mil is a minimum...if less, just "seen" their offer
  17. Strale

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Can really an elite football club be sustainable? Form everything written on these pages my strong feeling is there is no way Inter can be sustainable and satisfy some basic sporting needs of the club and fans. Like it or not, we need a sugar daddy imo
  18. Strale

    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Humbling point, might help us, because I can't remember Inter was praised so much like in the last few days. But kudos to the players, they didn't give up, and that's the only thing they did better than Sociedad. It's also demoralising for opponents when they thoroughly outplay you but can't...
  19. Strale

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    I heard a commentator calling it the toughest group in the last 10 CL seasons...reminded me of me thinking Guarin might be a top player, or Moratti being seduced by any Serie A in-form striker
  20. Strale

    Marcus Thuram

    Inside forwards score goals like this almost every round, it feels, but this one stands out, with all my bias included imo, I mean the diatance, speed of the ball, precision and against such an excellent GK , in such a game 🤌 🤌