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    Juventus - Inter (3 Apr 22) [0-1]

  2. Bes

    European Super League Discussion

    Did Agnelli just resign?
  3. Bes

    Stefano Sensi

    You can also vote "Fuck this poll" under this option: 10 - Will be one of the absolutely best players in the history of the game (think Meazza, Matheus)
  4. Bes

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    I'd never guess you liked Recoba :p
  5. Bes

    Ivan Perišić

    Can someone remind me what's happened between those two?
  6. Bes

    Technical problem

    I think the site is mostly taking time trying to fetch data from FedeNerazzurra news site. Beside the homepage, all the other pages are working fine. Here's all the other parts that the homepage consists of, except for the FedeNerazzurra part...
  7. Bes

    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Winter 2018-19

    Any link where I can keep track of all the transfers done during this mercat?
  8. Bes

    Lazio - Inter (29 Oct 18) [0-3]

    Any link?
  9. Bes

    Barcelona - Inter (24 Oct 18) [2-0]
  10. Bes

    Inter - Milan (21 Oct 18) [1-0]

    Sky Sport Serie A HD: 1-0 Icardi Full Match
  11. Bes

    League Broadcasts & Streams

    Supersport 9 South Africa for the derby and Supersport 3 South Africa for Barça-Inter.
  12. Bes

    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    Rocchi actually whistled for an offside position off a throw in :lol:
  13. Bes

    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

  14. Bes

    Lazio - Inter (20 May 18) [2-3]

    Scarpini, 75'-83' Will try to get the full highlights later :)
  15. Bes

    Milan - Inter (4 Apr 18) [0-0]

    Why do you never use full stops, but only commas? What the fuck is wrong with you?
  16. Bes

    Genoa - Inter (17 Feb 18) [2-0]

    Is this what we're gonna call the 45th minute from now on? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  17. Bes

    Italian Serie A 2017/2018

    game was over the moment VAR was used tbh Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  18. Bes

    Benevento - Inter (1 Oct 17) [1-2]

    What do you mean packed? Like the whole 3000 seats will be occupied?
  19. Bes

    Inter - SPAL (10 Sep 17) [2-0]

    It can. On the first Milan match, the ref gave a pen and yellow, and then after using VAR, he changed the card to red.
  20. Bes

    Bologna - Inter (19 Feb 17) [0-1]