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  1. Michal


    You are amusing hal. It would be a huge insult for me if someone like you respected me. To be honest, you are the biggest reason why the quality of this forum has been going down. Only thing you do is fighting with other members who disagree with your opinion. Your jealousy is ridiculous, too...
  2. Michal

    Happy Birthday Azzkikr

    I am not here to wish him happy birthday but just to inform you his real name is Ulf. Well, it reminds me one of my favourite TV shows... Thank you for your suggestion shahz. :D
  3. Michal

    2007 Forza Inter Oscars [Results]

    Hm, so after all I am the most improved... Thanks
  4. Michal


    16 and 17 uploaded and posted in mod forum and deleted from my PC, rest isn't my problem.
  5. Michal

    A change in the management team

    It is great to see you here pablito. Please stay here and don't follow others who are leaving this forum. Please, do it for me.
  6. Michal

    A change in the management team

    Anyway, it is hilarious that this is an only thread that keeps this forum alive.
  7. Michal

    A change in the management team

    Just one question Erik. Can you remember that multi-convo of FI's management after one Inter's game? You were so pissed when Tim asked a question about admin stuff. You told it's just a matter that has to be solved privately by admins in admin forum. Is it ok for you that almighty Handoyo...
  8. Michal

    A change in the management team

    I will miss you shahz. :lol:
  9. Michal

    A change in the management team

    Thank you for editing my post Jimmy. This is how this forum works...
  10. Michal

    Forza Inter Squad Numbers

    Remove mine. Don't want it.
  11. Michal

    A change in the management team

    From my MSN conversation with brand new superhero... goddamnit 3. 1. 2008 15:03:08 *Mol* If you never try then you'll never know Michal stupid tim 3. 1. 2008 15:03:14 *Mol* If you never try then you'll never know Michal he's removed all of the admin rights 3. 1. 2008 15:03:20 *Mol* If you...
  12. Michal

    2007 Forza Inter Oscars [Results]

    Hi guys, this is the last think I am doing for this forum so enjoy it. Best Poster 1st - Hamed 2nd - Handoyo 3rd - Tim Most Passionate Poster 1st - Fabio 2nd - Katie 3rd - Tim, h2o Most Important Member 1st - Handoyo 2nd - Tim 3rd - Frisko Most Serious Member 1st - Stefan, Jimmy 2nd -...
  13. Michal

    Inter accept Dubai challenge

    Well, I think there is a sponsor (or more) who finances all this circus so no need to ask for more money from people. Looking forward to pictures, too. :)
  14. Michal


    Welcome mate, keep posting. :)
  15. Michal

    What are you doing & listening to at the moment?

    i-g0aBYVCgE :star: ...will be followed by Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Chris Cornell. :)
  16. Michal

    Forum hacked??

    Power Rangers' rule of terror has started. :crazy:
  17. Michal

    2007 Forza Inter Oscars [Voting box]

    Power Rangers had a fun yesterday. :D
  18. Michal

    December goal of the month: Watch and Vote!

    Hey guys, I know Jimenez scored a great goal but Cruz scored against Milan Merda. Take than into account. :)
  19. Michal

    2007 Forza Inter Oscars [Voting box]

    Oh people, you are all so great. Thank you very much for all the votes. :proud: OK Frisko, now vote!!!
  20. Michal

    New member

    Vitaj medzi nami!!! Welcome on board, glad to have someone from SVK here. :) Keep posting.