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  1. Ottoman empire

    2022/2023 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Why can't we just sign Jason denayer for free as de vrij's backup?, or is it that hard
  2. Ottoman empire

    Preseason & Friendlies 22/23

    And how on earth is bissaka similar type of player to Dumfries?
  3. Ottoman empire

    Preseason & Friendlies 22/23

    Inzaghi is a shitty coach, sack him please, before the season starts
  4. Ottoman empire

    Federico Dimarco

    I think the same reason inzaghi prefer him as lcb over lwb is similar to that of Ivan juric during dimarco stint at Hellas. If I could remember clearly, he played mostly as lcb there too, as darko lazovic was preferred as lwb. I don't think is down to athleticism or physique (darmian doesn't...
  5. Ottoman empire

    Paulo Dybala

    If truly it's because of signing lukaku that we are moving out of race for dybala then marotta and ausilio must be retarded. I mean the calculations are too simple to make such a stupid choice. Dybala is younger, arguably the better player on lower wages(6m), and we are getting him for free...
  6. Ottoman empire

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Reports have been saying we need to finish the transfer window with atleast 60m profit and 10-15% wage cut. If these reports are true, please can someone realistically and logically explain how this is possible taking into account lukaku, aslani and bellanova fee, and we are still going to sign...
  7. Ottoman empire

    Romelu Lukaku

    I wanted to fif majority people's reaction after I saw the news of the 1st offer and I am surprised tbh. For me, not even 130, I will accept the 100m + Alonso offer. Hell no, I will even take the 100m cash and give them back Alonso for their act of generosity. I am very surprised by this offers...
  8. Ottoman empire

    Achraf Hakimi

    68m is not a decent price when Lucas Hernandez(23 then), Maguire(26then) and van dijk (27 then) are sold for 75m to 80m 3 to 4 years ago.
  9. Ottoman empire

    Achraf Hakimi

    Pleases, for fuck sake announce his departure to end this misery already.
  10. Ottoman empire

    Achraf Hakimi

    Regardless of if we get a better fullback in the future, I will forever be bitter about Hakimi's departure. I will never forgive suning.
  11. Ottoman empire

    Round of 16: France - Switzerland

    Match of the tournament so far
  12. Ottoman empire

    Lautaro Martinez

    Given the current circumstances , no one will sign lautaro for more than 40m plus bonuses. We sold icardi a 2 time capocannoniare for 50m
  13. Ottoman empire

    Round of 16: Belgium - Portugal

    Portugal have better squad overall but Belgium have better setup,tactics, team work, lukaku and debruyne
  14. Ottoman empire

    2021/2022 Defenders Rumours Thread

    I thought bellerin was very pacy in his early days, but apparently he has lost that in recent years
  15. Ottoman empire

    Post-migration Issues/Suggestions

    Is it that the forums has become single-columned or what? Like it's no more in tablet form? Also, where are the smileys, thank post button, quote reply, multiple quote reply, advance post button and a lot more?
  16. Ottoman empire

    Migration Complete

    Now can someone explain things to me, I barely logged in, can't understand a shit.
  17. Ottoman empire

    Inter's Financial Situation

    Inter won't survive fan ownership and not because of financial issues but how fans will react to certain operations, imagine given that fans have some degree of ownership then the board make decisions like guarin vs vucinic swap, what will happen? - - - Updated - - - Inter won't survive fan...
  18. Ottoman empire

    2021/2022 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Cies observatory or what are they called reported yesterday that adama traore will cost 30-35m euros. I would go for that.
  19. Ottoman empire

    Achraf Hakimi

    Fact is it would be miracle if Hakimi doesn't leave coz he is the most sellable among our top players that will bring that 70m atleast. I was hoping someone would offer atleast 70m for lautaro so that hakimi will stay but that ain't possible at the current situation because of his poor...
  20. Ottoman empire

    Group F

    I hope Hungary win Germany and qualify. FORZA HUNGARY!!.