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    2010/2011 Forwards rumors thread

    well cerezo just said that forlan stays at i don`t know what we`re gonna do..benzema?aguero?robinho?sculli?
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    Wesley Sneijder

    so happy for this guy...10x a lot real for him
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    Julio Cesar

    the best gk no doubt happy for him
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    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

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    Diego "Il Principe" Milito

    congrats PRINCIPE
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    Thiago Motta

    bad news motta had surgery today at one knee...
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    talented player but not Inter material..
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    Luca Antonelli

    true....branca doesn`t sign bad players so if he wanted antonelli i trust him..although i would`ve loved to see us taking jonathan through bologna as rumoured or diego macedo
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    Obiora Nwankwo

    obiorah is now officialy on the main squad on so we can move this thread from the youth teams
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    Felice Natalino

    agreed maxw...he`s promising
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    Armin Cerimagic

    i searched some new info`s about him,he`s not Inter property anymore it seems..
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    Giuseppe Sculli

    he`s gonna cost 6 mil from what i`ve read..
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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    loving Obiorah,smart smart player, and mr muntari plzzzz GTFO ,u are a mediocre player...
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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    pls don`t sell maicon
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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    this system sucks,we`re using it so eto can score 25 ?f that if he doesnt like playing on the wing he can go...
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    Cristiano Biraghi

    now everyone jumps on this thread :)
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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    good good game loving the young guys..mariga and cambiasso best players for us,Coutinho has madddd talent
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    Pre-season friendlies 2010/2011

    maamma mia what a goal..