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    UEFA Champions League Fantasy

    Is anyone creating a new private fantasy league for this year's edition....Or most of you are hurt and dont want to cos we didnt qualify?:troll:
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    The Financial Health of Inter

    Thank you very much for your informative article....However this is just our balance sheet in terms of transfer activity. I guess if we factor other revenue streams like sponsorship into the equation, our financial situation will be a lot better than this. Fantastic job, however i hope you can...
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    Fredy Guarín

    Our best piece of transfer business this season, it pains me we didnt get Asamoah along with this guy, then our midfield would have been one of the best in Europe
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    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    When Is Maicon being moved to the La grande Inter Section?
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    Inter - Milan (6 May 12)

    Winning the derby is one thing and doing the double over ur eternal rivals is another.....Thank U FC Internazionale...This has been a crazy season...I guess we deserve the moniker PAZZA INTER
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    Inter - Milan (6 May 12)

    After this match of pure and unbridled ecstasy...We should IMMEDIATELY sign both Guarin and Strammacioni PERMANENTLY
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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Cesar Maicon-----Samuel-----Lucio-----Zanetti Guarin-----M'Vila-----K.Asamoah Sneijder-----Jovetic Falcao
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    2011/2012 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    I wonder why Inter didnt make a move for Kwadwo Asamoah, that guy is one of the most complete midfielders in Italy....He is the closest thing to Vidal atm. Having him, Guarin and Poli in our midfield next season wouldnt be such a bad idea.
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    2011/2012 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    I would be happy if we got Dzagoev...that's not to say he should be our top target...This is a quality young player with Champions league experience, who is likely to go on the cheap considering current least i believe he would be a safer bet than the overpriced, untested south...
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    Milan - Inter (15 Jan 12)

    ^ But we can still dream on...cant we?
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    Genoa - Inter (13 Dec 11)

    Julio Cesar - 7 Walter Samuel - 7.5 Lucio - 6.5 Yuto Nagatomo - 8 Javier Zanetti - 6 Esteban Cambiasso - 6.5 Thiago Motta - 6.5 Andrea Poli - 7 Marco Davide Faraoni - 6 Diego Milito - 5 Giampaolo Pazzini - 6 Subs: Ricky Alvarez - 7.5 Obi - 5 Diego Forlan - 6.5 Claudio Ranieri - 7.5
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    Genoa - Inter (13 Dec 11)

    We played a nice game, ay least better than previous weeks and what matters most is that we won, 3 points in the bag goes a long way in restoring our morale and belief.. I was really impressed by Poli, he added the much needed fire and dynamism our midfield has been sorely and i think he should...
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    Wesley Sneijder

    Selling Sneijder would be a big mistake, tell me guys, how long haven't we waited for a true number 10 and we sell him after two years? no freaking way. We just need to build the team around Sneijder and not throw him away for whatever amount. Gasp shd find a system that works with the players...
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    Marco "Matrix" Materazzi

    Grande Matrix.... will never forget ur crunching slide tackles, ur awesome bicycles and ur antics on the field, A true black and Blue legend with Black and Blue blood in his veins, not many have done what u did and not many can do that either... Forza Matrix
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    Emiliano Viviano

    We just have to let him go to Roma, when He becomes good enough for us and JC is out of the way, we simply buy him back.
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    Why do you support Inter, and how did you choose Inter?

    As a child there was only one reason I supported Inter and it was the phenomenon called RONALDO.
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    Inter's Financial Situation

    Hope it isnt that bad, But I'm sure we can get cheap and quality players in Italy without breaking the bank. A new stadium is really a must and we must start globalising the Inter Brand, It's very difficult to accept that people know more Sunderland and Newcastle in my country than they know...
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    Marcelo Bielsa

    I hope he comes, i loved the way Chile played at the world cup, not just attractive football, it was also their work rate and discipline, one was willing to work for the other. He has no european experience? yes, but i think he would adapt when he comes to italy, he looks like a strict...
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    UEFA Champions League Fantasy

    Team Omega Supreme rules..... too bad i couldnt join the head to head league........
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    UEFA Champions League Fantasy

    joined the classical league as omega supreme ..... tried to join the head to head league but it said no more new entries are being accepted