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  1. MoH

    Wesley Sneijder

    Welcome Sneijder (He's such a kick-@$$ on Pro Evo!!!) I hate to admit it, but during his Real Merda days Sneijder was used as on the left and deployed more as a winger and not a CM...I wonder if we are going to do the same?
  2. MoH

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Meh...Am I the only one who hates the guy? Boring football here we come, although all will be forgotten if he wins the CL :thumbsup:
  3. MoH

    David "La Pantera" Suazo

    Suazo 2006/2007 Season Date----------Match--------Result----Minutes Played--Goal/s 10/09/2006 Cagliari - Catania 0-1 90 minutes 16/09/2006 Reggina - Cagliari 2-1 90 minutes 1 (64)p 20/09/2006 Cagliari - Livorno 2-2 90 minutes 1 (57) 24/09/2006 Siena - Cagliari 0-0 90...
  4. MoH

    David "La Pantera" Suazo

    Not much excitement? :P Can't blame you, do we really need another striker? If so I would've favored an Italian to join us but I can sum my feelings towards Suazo in two quotes... Cagliari ususally play in a 4-3-3 formation, with Suazo flanked by Zola and Esposito in 2004/2005 and...
  5. MoH

    Inter - Sampdoria (16 Sep 06)

    Game so far… Castellazi man of the match Ibrahimovic + Crespo = Good attack, they created some fabulous chances! Hell I’m willing to post some online if the highlights don’t do them justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :boxing: I’m starting to reeeeeeealy like Dacourt All Mariano seems to do is run...
  6. MoH

    Sporting Lisbon - Inter (12 Sep 06)

    Wow guys I was expecting anti-Mancini posts and here they are!! :D :lol: :thumbsdo: Chillout guys, anywhoooo I'll give you fans some credits...Not many anti-Maicon posts :thumbsup: Ooooh my sentiments exactly, we desperately needed someone of Pizarro’s caliber on the pitch, to bridge the gap...
  7. MoH

    Fiorentina - Inter (9 Sep 06)

    Wow this thread is swarming with useless garbage, Ibrah this, Maicon that :rollani: Come on lads post something more interesting, oh well, nice to see inter in action :heart: Forza Cambi! :interscarf:
  8. MoH

    Inter - Roma (SuperCoppa Italia) (26 Aug 06)

    Facchetti rumors??? :undecide: Anywhoooo I demand we propose a new contract for Figo :P I mean five minutes in and he creates quite a sublime move that was somewhat ruined with Stankovic’s weak header…I find it quite funny that some seem to think this was the first time Figo showed his true...
  9. MoH

    Champions League 2006/2007

    Damn that grop draw is ******* *****!!! :dazed: :doh: Oh well, having the Scudetto badge should help the team fight :yeay: ;) :P Bayern München 2005/2006 Season Champs Games:34 Wins:22 Draws:9 Losses:3 Goals for:67 Goals against:32 Points:75 Top scorer: Makaay with 17 goals Possible...
  10. MoH

    Inter - Sporting Lisbon (21 Aug 06)

    Well said my friend, cheer girls? I was more intrigued by the dancing Frogs :lol: :boogy: watched the match pretty late, but from what I’ve seen all the new boys settled quite err…delightfully. Maicon is living to all the hype (What about Maxwell!!!) Vieria was lively and then he just sort of...
  11. MoH

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    :undecide: I agree with 50% of what has been said in this thread, but come on guys when did Zlatan become such a lousy player??? It doesn't mean I'm happy with this transfer, mainly for the grounds as to why we require both Crespo and Zlatan??? A perfect transfer market…ruined. :nono:
  12. MoH

    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    So we’ve been tracking him for four years? :party: Wow & yeah it seems he became a defender after moving to Europe, interesting...
  13. MoH

    Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade

    :dielaugh: Hehe, you can’t blame us or the Inter management ;) he was a French sensation and was on stage for the France instead of the legendary Lizarazu (Anyone here read his blog?) Well from what I could make out… He’s thankful for the faith the Inter management showed in him, and Oriali...
  14. MoH

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    What the **** is Adriano doing in a Recoba thread? :P (Adriano marketing symbol, hell yeah…Adriano fan idol? Hell NO!!! I do like him though & I hope he stays but he does seem to suffer from some ego issues) Anywhooo…I'm inspired to talk about Recoba, stats wise Recoba! Erm, I was planning on...
  15. MoH

    The Italian Serie A match-fixing scandal

    Juve got what they deserve! I feel sorry for both Lazio and Fiorentina though, they’ve been ruthlessly sentenced, are you telling me they weren't as bad as Merda? :( (Oh well, I guess it means we're getting both Toni & Ibra now :devil:) was hoping they would stay in the top flight with some...
  16. MoH

    Christian Vieri

    33 Today! Happy Birthday!!!! :heart:
  17. MoH

    Maicon Douglas Sisenando

    Problematic transfer but an excellent talent, I wonder where he’ll play…RB? CD?! Some of you seem to think he’ll be used as a RW? Never saw him that deep, I’m willing to bet he’ll go for the number 13 shirt ;) :P Buona fortuna Maicon!
  18. MoH

    Olivier Dacourt

    Hopefully it seems he's used to not being a first choice when he made the journey to Italy, so we shouldn't have to worry about that :) But yeah, its pointless keeping an unhappy CriZan :( Anywho forza Dacourt (Or should we call him Ollie? Oli? Oliver?) not my ideal bench warmer but the guy is...
  19. MoH

    Ianis Zicu

    Zicu He wasn't called up to Dinamo's pre-season training in France...Which is a good thing (I guess...) not sure where he'll go next, but I wish him all the best!!! :thumbsup:
  20. MoH

    Marco "Matrix" Materazzi

    Bloody hell catanha, I agree with InterFan28…Your last paragraph is stinking with egotism, I’m sure whatever Materazzi said is as severe as you would like it to be Zidane wouldn’t have kept quiet...Yes they did exchange insults, it happens in football...Hell even if Matrix did call him an “Arab...