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    Cannavaro fails drugs test

    Cannavaro fails dope test, claims it's medicine (AFP) – 36 minutes ago ROME — Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has failed a dope test after taking a medicine that contained the banned substance cortisone, it was revealed on Thursday. The former World Player of the Year was allegedly stung by a wasp...
  2. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

  3. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Away shirt: white/cinder
  4. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    99.99% confirmed: sports direct = newcastle chairman's company = legit
  5. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Really hope this is not it: I am hoping that as it has not got the nike tick it is just a horrible fake. :yuck:
  6. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Club teams don't have numbers on the front of their shirts do they?
  7. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Celtic: Posting these as it may hint at the style that the Inter shirts will be like.
  8. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    They won their second la liga so it is the 65th anniversary
  9. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Valencia shirts are looking good
  10. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    This is supposed to be the barca away shirt, something like this with blue and black stripe would be ok.
  11. Keir

    May goal of the month: Watch and vote!

    Goal 1 Cruz v Milan tcBTba5R9YA Goal 2 Pele v Lazio 18bDPpea72g Goal 3 Cruz v Lazio 3LJdqMQ-1uU Goal 4 Vieira v Siena zgIUiGaGNz0 Goal 5 Balotelli v Siena -L7YMWLdVzs Goal 6 Ibrahimovic v Parma E0g3H3AAaAs Goal 7 Ibrahimovic v Parma (2) krz-xLx4sDY Goal 8 Pele v Roma...
  12. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008 - Newcastle chairman's company They have the home shirt (large and xl) and the away shirt (xxl) for £22.49 each. They also ship to the following places: ARGENTINA CZECH JAPAN RUSSIA...
  13. Keir

    Campioni d'Italia 2007/2008

    Forza Zlatan
  14. Keir

    FAO Aussie/Asian Nerazzurri - Free flights (not spam)

    Thought this might be off interest for the Aussie and Asian inter fans, Air Asia are offering free flights between Jan 09 and Apr 09, booking is available 14 May - 16 May so be quick: Hope it is useful for someone. :boogy:
  15. Keir

    April goal of the month: Watch and vote!

    Goal 1 Vieira v Atalanta cfNesGueswk Goal 2 Balotelli v Atalanta 2bIuxPT6FTc Goal 3 Cambiasso v Fiorentina 1dERtlCMT-Q Goal 4 Balotelli v Fiorentina PpWSOADRxVM Goal 5 Cruz v Torino jc_al86735A Goal 6 Cruz v Cagliari IDCSBN2orpg Goal 7 Materazzi v Cagliari CZxkYsPQs4o...
  16. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    Yep, hopefully the pirelli will be in gold on the away kit as well as the home shirt
  17. Keir

    Inter jerseys 2008/2009

    INTER Design: E' una maglia rivoluzionaria in ogni aspetto, curata dal presidente Moratti, stando alle indiscrezioni della azienda leader nel settore dell'abbigliamento sportivo. Lo sponsor sarà color oro, e non bianco. Novità per la seconda maglia, color cioccolato. Prima Maglia: A differenza...
  18. Keir

    English Premiership 2007/2008

    Time to get the razors out boys as he has now scored 30 league goals :D:D:D