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  1. Nerazzurri_Ninja


    Anyone know if Rebel Moon was any good? the sequel drops in a month or two
  2. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Players to watch

    Prob gona be a star, hope he performs better for Italia than for Bilan
  3. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Concacaf Gold Cup

    USA!!! All the way!!!
  4. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    We are deff playing effective football, but not sexy football, id like the return of wingers in attack and or a trequartista
  5. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Player Suggestions

    Sebastian Esposito
  6. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    General Primavera Discussion

    Future looking bright
  7. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Simone Inzaghi

    We are having a very good yr, keep up the good work
  8. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Inter - Atlético Madrid (20 Feb 24) [1-0]

    We going to the final again, watch and see
  9. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    The Suning Commerce Group

    break the piggy bank, pay your bills
  10. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Cant wait till tuesday, we gona kill it, FORZA INTER!!!
  11. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Started Brothers Sun, really enjoying it, craving a churro lol.
  12. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Rank your top 5 Inter strikers

    On most days: Vieri, Ronaldo, Milito, Eto'o, Lautaro On other days: Baggio, Adriano, Crespo, Icardi, Ibra
  13. Nerazzurri_Ninja


    Going to see Italia play Ecuador the end of next month at Red bull arena in NJ
  14. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Player Suggestions

    Kevin Denkey 23 CF Pavlidis 25 CF Darius Olaru 25 AM/CM Simon Banza 27 CF Toni Fruk 22 CM Cameron Puertas 25 AM/CM Joey Veerman 25 CM
  15. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Ebenezer Akinsanmiro

    rather see this kid than classan
  16. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Tajon Buchanan

    needs to play over darmian, we need young blood
  17. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Inter Jerseys

    I will like the new jersey if it has two stars
  18. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Inter - Salernitana (16 Feb 24) [4-0]

    I think we are gona win this game, like to see bisseck, buchanan and fratessi
  19. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Tokyo Vice is back for a second season, great show on MAX
  20. Nerazzurri_Ninja

    Who will win 2023/24 Serie A?

    No, we are favorites.