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    Davy Klaassen

    Is he that bad though? He has had quite decent career so far (bar his tenure at Everton), signed for free and I know that Eredivisie is not the best league in Europe, but he captained at Ajax and scored regularly. Def no world beater, but I think he will become a servicable player for us in...
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    Juan Cuadrado

    I never thought i would live to see this day. Welcome, I guess :sigh:
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    Inter - Cremonese (30 Aug 22) [3-1]

    a good shot, but not powerful enough to justify 0 reaction. it might have been within Handa's reach, just put some effort ffs. overall, a pretty meh game, bar some moments of individual brilliance from Lautaro and Nicolo
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    Inter - Cremonese (30 Aug 22) [3-1]

    This Cremonese side is really horrible. No defending whatsoever
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    Bologna - Inter (27 Apr 22) [2-1]

    The most Interesque tragedy you could ever imagine
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    Federico Dimarco

    yeah, the guy has his shortcomings, but having a solid club trained player cannot be underestimated. he is an option for the LCB position, he can also play as a LWB plus sweet crosses/set pieces as a bonus, not a bad player to have at all! i hope he stays.
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    Ivan Perišić

    he has been so good as an offensive player. keeping him as a lwb is kind of wasting his offensive input, but still he is certainly valuable wherever you play him. such a versatile player. and yeah, and he is not going to regress anytime soon. he is a true professional, so give him an extension...
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    Liverpool - Inter (8 Mar 22) [0-1]

    that was a good game, given the circumstances. our defence was quite sloppy at times, but i saw some nice football, movement, one touch passes, i hope our boys can keep it up in Serie A.
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    Genoa - Inter (25 Feb 22) [0-0]

    wanted to find some joy watching Inter this evening [in these grim times], oh so naive...
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    Genoa - Inter (25 Feb 22) [0-0]

    give me some Caicedo's clutchiness
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    Genoa - Inter (25 Feb 22) [0-0]

    Pitiful performance so far
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    And he almost scored a rabona goal :LOL:
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    Robin Gosens

    I am hyped. Let's hope he will quickly become his old self after this injury - if he will, we are set for years on LWB.
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    Inter - Empoli (19 Jan 22) [Coppa Italia] [3-2]

    What the actual fuck
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    Gabriel Brazão

    He had literally 0 appearance in senior football when he joined us. And he barely played since then... Hopefully some domestic football will be benefitial for him
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    Inter - Lazio (9 Jan 22) [2-1]

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    Salernitana - Inter (17 Dec 21) [0-5]

    The Salernitana supporters do not give up though. Nice atmosphere.
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    Salernitana - Inter (17 Dec 21) [0-5]

    Wow, that was beautiful. Hats off
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    Christian Eriksen

    A great player and profesional, but I cannot emphasize enough what a humble, good person he is. I still remember his rough beginning at Inter, the harsh treatment from Conte, but Eriksen did not give up and finally became one of our key contributors. Thanks, Christian, be healthy and happy.
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    Inter - Cagliari (12 Dec 21) [4-0]

    Good times