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  1. neointerista

    Hi Celtic fan here. I will be going to the Inter v Lazio game December 5th

    So this means the ban on fans from out of the province of Milano is lifted? :boogy: :boogy: :boogy:
  2. neointerista

    milano for inter v atalanta

    I REALLY REALLY hope so. Same here :boogy: :boogy: :boogy:
  3. neointerista

    milano for inter v atalanta

    That's really shit. I wanted to watch the Inter - Bilan derby with some friends :( .
  4. neointerista

    milano for inter v atalanta

    So just out of curiosity what is this pass you lot are talking about? Are we talking Italian passport? What if I want to bring my buddy that is not from the Provincia di Milano but right next to it? (i.e. Como).
  5. neointerista

    Cristian Chivu

    They say he's looking at a month of rest.
  6. neointerista

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Ballack!? Are you kidding me? No way would I want to see that dickhead in my favourite team's roster. Especially after WC2006. What a wanker he was.
  7. neointerista

    Electronic Music

    It's a shame things like Techno are lumped in with uncreative and unimaginative things as Trance. :/ Especially the type Tiesto, Judge Jules and the like, seem to enjoy churning out. :yuck: House will always be house, amazes me. It seems to be able to run into the commercialism yet then turns...
  8. neointerista


    The moral of the story of all this is: FUORI LA POLITICA DAL CALCIO. You lot can get your google translators out and translate it.
  9. neointerista

    Electronic Music

    Let's hope they won't have any. :lol:
  10. neointerista

    Electronic Music

    Erm no. It's listened to by a whole slew of people. Including people who listen to a lot of regular and minimal techno. Hell even Minimal techno dj's such as Alex Smoke and Ricardo Villalobos are using dubstep in their sets. So it's far from Chavvy, very innovative and will change the EDM scene...
  11. neointerista

    Electronic Music

    Been listening to a lot more Dubstep lately. VHaCSMJfGUA etjAm3gfXjQ
  12. neointerista

    Ibra as an AM?

    I've suggested this before. His ways of handling the ball is very creative, and could work miracles. However, I would fear depending too much on him.
  13. neointerista

    You Tube videos

    Guys can we add BBcode for other flash video and flash audio formats? For such majore sites like and (audio). If you need to find the coding for those ask me, I know a couple of sites that provide it. :)
  14. neointerista


    ...xavi-iniesta relative to having deco on the field. However he could come down in January maybe. Also another problem is Deco's release clause is 75 mill and wanted to up his pay from 5 to 6 (Chelsea told him to **** off since then lol), however that might change with his need to get out of Barca.
  15. neointerista


    So any news on this guy? It's all gone quiet since last night.
  16. neointerista

    What are you doing & listening to at the moment?

    Listening to the new Fabric CD. Fabric 35 by Ewan Pearson. :boogy:
  17. neointerista

    What are you doing & listening to at the moment?

    Watching people on this forum scream out "doomsday" while listening to Manu Chao - Bongo Bong.
  18. neointerista


    Myspace is just as bad. lol.
  19. neointerista

    Roberto Mancini

    lol @ JM. His attitude would be such a downer on our team. Look how he treats sheva. Mancini is nicer at least and shows some support in the public eye for players like Adriano. This guy would cuss him out infront of anyone. Though you never know, maybe that's what Adri needs, and nice bitchslap...