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  1. Trininerazzuri

    Inter Jerseys

    Just read our new sponsor may be an American tech company and the club will release details on the 7th July...
  2. Trininerazzuri

    Christian Eriksen

    I am in tears here.. I hope he is ok.. that could be anyone of us.. Erikssen is a true champion.. my prayers are with you and hope to see you back on the pitch soon.
  3. Trininerazzuri

    Which big ticket player would you prefer to sell?

    I wouldn't want to sell any of those people on that list but I chose Martinez because there are players of his quality we can get right now for cheaper, Lukaku makes a bigger difference going forward.. Our back three must stay as the old saying goes, " the best defence wins the scudetto" and we...
  4. Trininerazzuri

    2021/2022 Forwards Rumours Thread

    If one of our two main strikers leave we will go for Vhlaovic and/or Muriel and probably rotate them as the season progresses whilst keeping Pinamonti.
  5. Trininerazzuri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    I wish Inzaghi the best, I hope the Club offers him a huge bonus if he wins serie a on his first season like 5m or more cause if they can pay Cunte 7m to get a higher paying salary a huge bonus is the least they can do to motivate him even more.
  6. Trininerazzuri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Let's say we sell Perisic, Broz and Erikssen, get money for naingolan, Mario and all the other loan with obligation deals we made in the past I think we can get between 50-60 mils, mean while Vecino, Vidal , Vanchez can be sold or loaned with obligation in the region of 20-25 million.Plus highly...
  7. Trininerazzuri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    I think Sarri would be our next coach.mainly because of his price. but I don't want lukaku to leave neither Martinez.. Players who can be sold:Sanchez, Vidal, Broz(sorry), Erikssen only if he doesn't take a pay cut, vecino, dambrosio, young, kolarov and possibly perisic.
  8. Trininerazzuri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    I never said sell all the best players..Some of our good players are replaceable..But there are core ones you build around...Conte's decisions have all pissed us off at some point or the other I stand by my decision fuck him and let his rube cunt leave.
  9. Trininerazzuri

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    I didn't think I would be on this thread for at least another year.. the decision is shocking but Conte is acting like a spoil child who wants all his toys although he doesn't play with some.. business is business the pandemic has affected the economic world.. I just hope Zhang is smart enough...
  10. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Udinese (23 May 21) [5-1]

    Let's finish this thing in style,, A LuLa show would be nice.. and Erikssen cementing his place for next season... Forza Inter!!! :interflag::interflag::interflag::interscarf2::interscarf2::interscarf2:
  11. Trininerazzuri

    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    That was a fucking atrocious penalty in this age of VAR.. u can see the Italian F. A doing all they can to get rube in to the UCL.. but let's see if the three clubs beneath us on the table can give them sweet justice in the final round of games..
  12. Trininerazzuri

    Juventus - Inter (15 May 21) [3-2]

    Come on let's send these fuckers to Europa league... Forza Inter!!!
  13. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Sampdoria (8 May 21) [5-1]

    Scudetto No. 19!!!!! Forza Inter!!! Finally can breathe a sigh of relief.. It's been too long but well done to each and everyone involved players , administration and fans.. we have all suffered enough.. Grande Inter!!! Happy for all nerazurri brothers and sisters around the world.. Love you all.
  14. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Spezia (20 Dec 20) [2-1]

    It's my birthday today so I hope Cunte doesnt bottle it...all the years gone by we faced teams like lazio and milan on or around my birthday this year week can't ask for an easier fixture...but then again Cunte might play for a draw!!!!
  15. Trininerazzuri

    Cagliari - Inter (13 Dec 20) [1-3]

    Don't be surprised we lose the scudetto on the final day giving rube 10 titles in a row... with a jubentino at our helm we will always play second fiddle..Suning needs to grow some balls and create our own identity..
  16. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    This had jube merda sabotage written all over it and suning still has the balls to be paying that cunt a whole heap of money...
  17. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    What a fucking waste of an evening... fuck you Conte.. now you have enough time to perfect your 3-5-2 to win the calcio... fuck off
  18. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    Bosstoni!!!! young is a fucking liability!!! get off
  19. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    Bastoni is our best midfielder on the pitch!!!
  20. Trininerazzuri

    Inter - Shakhtar (9 Dec 20) [0-0]

    We have sensi , sanchez, perisic and erikssen as subs and I bet dumbro will be the first sub!!!