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  1. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    We are doing so good that even the always grumpy _OC_ had a positive post about it. Also, football is not about the names, Mura just beat Tottenham and I can't name one player from Mura.
  2. wera

    Joaquín Correa

    I guess he should never start games because he looks lost against a set defence. This should've been his 90 minutes and he blew it.
  3. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    It's clear why Džeko keeps playing the whole 90 minutes, Correa isn't performing well and Sanchez isn't even alive
  4. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    Happy Kebabsgiving
  5. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    Seems like one of those 0-0 we hate so much. They are gonna defend from start to end.
  6. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    This is a really boring game, huh?
  7. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    Against domestic violence. Noble cause.
  8. wera

    Venezia - Inter (27 Nov 21) [0-2]

    It's very ballsy, this line up from us. If we don't score in the first half, I might panic :lol:
  9. wera

    Lucien Agoumé

    Lucien, the Black Pogba <3
  10. wera

    The FIFA Thread

    I don't even play FUT because skill is not that important there and that bothers me, I don't wanna play against a team that has Mbappe, CR7 and Lewandovski almost every match while I have players I don't really know. Seasons is where I do most of my playing, got my Wolves/Inter/France team in...
  11. wera

    Stefan de Vrij

    I can, his passing is better than Frogs and overall his tackling is so effortless. Frog is doing good, but I'm getting antsy without De Vrij.
  12. wera

    Ivan Perišić

    I'm only okay with him leaving if we get a proper replacement, otherwise we'll eat salty dicks for the whole season
  13. wera

    Antonio Conte

  14. wera

    Andrea Ranocchia

    Is he gonna bust a freestyle?
  15. wera

    Antonio Conte

    Conte tried, but a champion team stood in his way.
  16. wera

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Can't say anything but he is doing as good as I could hope for this past few games. It's hard to say if he'll continue like this, but as long as Vidal and Sensi are not injured, our midfield will be okay no matter who of my top5 choices play. Gags looked a lot better with Conte, he seems too...
  17. wera

    Stefan de Vrij

    So how is he doing, will he be back before the Real game? Can't get a clear answer anywhere
  18. wera

    Milan Škriniar

    Haha true, but Zanetti wasn't Italian either, so it's all good.
  19. wera

    UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

    Sure, neither do I. But if we're gonna be scared of any club, we should be playing in Europa League and not CL.
  20. wera


    LeBron has the most assists and shots scored amongst any baller ever. Having an asset like that is a big thing. But this Lakers team is a sad, sad affair.