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  1. Batman

    Inter - Spezia (20 Dec 20) [2-1]

    Choosing easy fixture to open a match thread :einstein: Will still choke :yao: I would love to see a dominating offensive performance with a huge win, in order to inject more confidence into the team for the upcoming harder fixtures. No excuses for Eriksen, Sensi and Sanchez (if fit) not to...
  2. Batman

    Bologna - Inter (1 Sep 18) [0-3]

    Dont worry guys I will save the season. 0-3 hattrick Vecino
  3. Batman

    Inter - Genoa (11 Dec 16) [2-0]

  4. Batman

    Sassuolo - Inter (14 May 16)

    Cant wait to see Gnoukouri and others get some playing time :pedobear: also give Milan a huge "OHHH NOOOOOOO".
  5. Batman

    Inter - Hellas Verona (9 Nov 14) [2-2]

    Fuck Mazzarri --------------------------------------------------- Inter - Verona 9 November 2014 20:45 Stadio Giuseppe Meazza Preview: Inter's last 5 games (LDWWL): Fiorentina - Inter 3-0 Inter - Napoli 2-2 Cesena - Inter 0-1 Inter - Sampdoria 1-0 Parma - Inter 2-0 Verona's last 5...
  6. Batman

    Happy bday Vasiliooooooooooooosss

    All the best for the coolest member in FIF :slick:
  7. Batman

    Nicola Bellomo

    Need more info about this guy, been linked to us heavily.. Seems he is joining us, either this jan or next summer. What kind of player he is? His playing style? For those who watch Serie B.
  8. Batman

    Inter - Bologna (17 Feb 12)

    VS INTER - Bologna Friday, 17 February 2012, 20:45 Stadio Giueseppe Meazza - Milano Inter's last 5 matches: Inter - Novara 0 - 1 Roma - Inter 4 - 0 Inter - Palermo 4 - 4 Lecce - Inter 1 - 0 Napoli - Inter 2 - 0 Bologna's last 5 matches: Lecce - Bologna 0 - 0 Roma - Bologna 1 - 1 Bologna -...
  9. Batman

    Happy Birthday, Vasilios

    Enjoy it.. :fuckyea:
  10. Batman

    Trabzonspor - Inter (22 Nov 11)

    Will be a very tough game for us, actually every away game is tough these days.. Hope everything will go fine though. I'm hoping to see 4-2-3-1 with Alvarez-Coutinho-Zarate behind Pazzo, Motta-Cambiasso as DMs and the same defenders that played today. FORZA INTER!!
  11. Batman

    Perika, Willy and Trini_Nerazzuri.. Happy bday!!

    All the best guys.. :slick:
  12. Batman

    Claudio Ranieri Welcome and good luck!
  13. Batman

    Novara - Inter (20 Sep 11)

    Gasp's last chance for me.. :yao: If we dont win this game, he should automaticlly GTFO, even though I want him to remain..
  14. Batman

    Paolo Tornaghi

    I dont know who is this guy and where the fuck did he come from? :dazed: He wasnt in the list yesterday and now he is there.
  15. Batman

    Happy bday Lonewolf!!

    All the best man!! :slick:
  16. Batman

    Matteo Bianchetti

    I think he deserves a thread already.. did a good job today, still needs to improve a bit though. Looks like he is a CB who can play as RB? correct me..
  17. Batman


    Could be childish.. but I really would like to learn some cool and easy tricks (esp. playing card tricks) if any of you have some. Thanks. :)
  18. Batman

    Happy birthday to Ana!!

    Enjoy!! :)
  19. Batman

    UEFA Champions League 2011/2012

    Let's discuss everything about the CL here, the 1st qualificiaton round of the new season has started today.
  20. Batman

    Gian Piero Gasperini

    God is with us..