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  1. uny_arturo

    Guys I'm going to Europe for the first time in my life!

    Tomorrow, 5/6, will be my first time to travel without my parents and also the first time to visit Europe. My flight will depart from Hong Kong at 00:50 (GMT+8). I'll travel within the period of 5/6-13/6 and will visit Roma, Firenze, Venezia and of course, Milano. I would like to express my...
  2. uny_arturo

    Freekick Takers

    Once we didn't know who was "the one" to take freekicks for us last season: Ze Maria, Veron, Mihajlovic, etc. Now, shamefully, we often have to rely on Deki, whom shoots the ball with almost no swere, to be our set-piece takers. You may say, "HEY! Adri and Ibra have scored two powerful indirect...
  3. uny_arturo

    Davide 'Ciccio' Fais

    How many position can he play actually?
  4. uny_arturo

    Urgent help needed for Trenitalia tickets information

    As some of you may know, I am going to Italy in June. I would like to know how much will these sectors cost individually. There's an offer of buying a railpass for EUR123 in Hong Kong. Will it be a better deal? My journey: 5/5: Milan-Florence (evening) 7/5: Florence-Rome (morning) 8/5...
  5. uny_arturo

    Planning a trip to some Scandinavia countries...

    Ciao a tutti! I'm planning a trip to Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen in June. This is the first time for me and my friends to travel alone to Europe. I've drafted the itinerary as shown below. Could some of you Scandinavians please kindly evaluate it? How long do you think I need to go...
  6. uny_arturo

    Empoli - Inter (Coppa Italia) (9 Jan 07)

    Alrite. This is the first competitive match after the long winter break. A Coppa Italia match, we may still give our youngsters some chances to play. If nothing went wrong, Ibrahim Maroufi and Attila Filkor will be called up again, while Maroufi may start. Grosso, Cordoba, Dacourt or even Cruz...