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  1. Batman

    Real Madrid - Inter (7 Dec 21)

    What’s with people wanting to play reserves?
  2. Batman

    Nicolò Barella

    He deserves criticism regardless of his contribution to the team, which is very much appreciated. We are looking more at the long term here, there are few aspects that should be improved especially for a midfielder. Oh and he is far from world class but whatever. But who am I talking to, in...
  3. Batman

    Lautaro Martinez

    What is the apology gesture for? If it was directed for his goal drought and recent performances, then wow… The fact he feels he is doing less is enough in my eyes to be respected. He shouldn’t have been subbed.
  4. Batman

    Inter - Shakhtar (24 Nov 21) [2-0]

    I’d be surprised if this wont end 0-0
  5. Batman

    Inter - Napoli (21 Nov 21) [3-2]

    Ahh sorry forgot about the international break, my bad
  6. Batman

    Inter - Napoli (21 Nov 21) [3-2]

    This game should be played on Saturday…
  7. Batman

    Denzel Dumfries

    One great tackle, other than that I spotted him being out off position many times.
  8. Batman

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Played better than Barella by miles, gassed in the last 10 mins, I wish he plays like this everytime but I doubt.
  9. Batman

    Stefan de Vrij

    Mistakes happen. But not too often.. That was some embarassing shit.
  10. Batman

    Lautaro Martinez

    Not convinced at all by his performances so far. He should stop wasting chances.
  11. Batman

    Nicolò Barella

    He does a lot of silly mistakes but people wont say shit. If you guys are happy with his performances this season so far then it’s a problem. He is still far from reaching what he should have reached, and far from being one of our important players. He still loses a lot of balls unnecessarily...
  12. Batman

    Fredy Guarín

    Guarin was already overweight in 2015 so this isnt a surprise
  13. Batman

    Edin Džeko

    If that’s because off Inzaghi, then it’s a good sign.
  14. Batman

    Christian Eriksen

    This is really sad, I miss him playing for us. I hope he stays healthy all the time.
  15. Batman

    Marcelo Brozović

    I really would never thought that poker face will run his ass off for this team.
  16. Batman

    Lautaro Martinez

    I really dislike his hairstyle, my wish is to see him with a normal hairstyle for once. But my bigger wish is to see him become an even better player. Good deal.
  17. Batman

    Lautaro Martinez

    He should really improve his passing.
  18. Batman

    Danilo D'Ambrosio

    To think he played less than Dumfries and yet he said this. D’Ambrosio is a guy who will always give his all regardless of how much he plays, he wont complain about bench time. Must be good guy for the locker room. Anyway if he was here in 2010, he would be a third option for RB yet I’m sure...
  19. Batman

    Mauro Icardi

  20. Batman

    Simone Inzaghi

    I personally am not confident with Inzaghi. However, he sure deserves his time.