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    The Suning Commerce Group

    Suning has done well in growing the Inter Milan Brand, refreshing it. Over all it has been a steady management all things considered, COVID cannot be over emphsised as a major spanner in the machine ...
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    Simone Inzaghi

    Perfectly Stated mate ... Im very optimistic about this appointment, top 3 is an achievement should we really have to sell important players and make adjustments
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    Mario Balotelli

    I like him as a player and person. In someway I think the media does run a negative narrative based off his past. His rep runs ahead of him a lot ! But anyway I wish for him all the best I want to see a happy succesful Balloteli
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    2019/2020 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Would be a dream move. This would really put Serie A on the Map .. but Juve ( CR7) vs Inter ( M10) would be insane !! Crowning this off with a Serie A title for us would be Amazing !! i think when this thing gains ground over the next few months we have to be a big player in this scenario...
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    Eto'o , Julio Cezar , Sneider ...
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    Inter's Financial Situation

    Noted, this sounds good overall ....Steady but slowly we are getting a bit better ...
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    Major League Soccer

    Watch in 5 years , everyone was talking about the EPL 10 years ago as a retirement home for europes stars ... Look at them it today. As I say, they are making the right moves ...and they have a long term plan ... already the US mens team is top 20-30 in the world ...and the potential for the...
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    Major League Soccer

    The MLS is getting things right ... they are putting the pieces together quiet nicely. MLS Soccer is taking itself very seriously and the growth in the game in the USA will coincide with the MLS becoming stronger on all levels. The MLS is a legit league
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    Second Leagues and young striker development

    amazing stats ... it goes to show the emphasis on Youth development in Germany .. Big lessons to be learned there ...
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    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    how about a scenario where Mou, goes on a sabbatical he did after the Chelsea job ... ? Then awaits the next coaching vacancy ... over the next season ...
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    Inter - Bologna (10 Mar 13)

    horrible game to watch this ... but if we are dreaming of CL football, indeed we must be able to clock bread and butter games like these ... We looked so bad in the first half ...again we have no formation no midfield style of play... Palacio was so isolated upfront ... it was terrible to watch...
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    Philippe Coutinho

    Id make the deal ... Get a ready Made player who will slot in, less development ...rather than a Cou who might not turn out as we think he will , in the end...
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    Wesley Sneijder

    For me, He was World Player of the Year THAT SEASON and a Half ... Magnificent Player ..Will be missed, but appreciated LE GRANDE INTER for SURE !
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    Juventus - Inter (3 Nov 12)

    Just so we are all clear ...
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    Gaby Mudingayi

    Good deal ...HE could do a Muntari on us ... That is Muntari of AC MILAN during that spectacular 5 month loan spell ... ----- Solid Deal ... no Lose situation
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    Wesley Sneijder

    He's staying, we need him and I havent read much about him wanting to leave ... He's goingto be absolutly instrumental to INTER next season ...
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    2011/2012 Midfielders Rumors Thread

    I agree, Newcastle have built up a very nice team and its about time really ...
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    Inter - Milan (6 May 12)

    Brillliant and just made my day ..LOL !!!
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    Inter - Milan (6 May 12)

    I agree, I dont think its going to be too bad, the Europa Cup is a respectable competition and if we get to the latter stages, it gets lot more serious... I dont think teams like CITY and UNITED went in it to lose ..
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    Sulley Muntari

    Soooo Glad he didnt score against us, would have been utter humiliation for us, but then again, we were well deserving...But he had about 2 chances, exspecaily that miss in front of goal .. Milan can keep him, he suits their style and for his career as an african player, Im glad if hes doing...