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  1. moii

    Inter - Atlético Madrid (20 Feb 24) [1-0]

    why no acerbi? what did i miss? suspension?
  2. moii

    Benjamin Pavard

    dude you know nothing...He left Bayern cause he wanted this role if anything he literally said this you couldnt be more wrong. Your clueless.
  3. moii

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Just let me ask anyone who 100% know if we beat Atletico Madrid do we face the winner of Psg and Real Sociedad then or is it a new draw or who we eventually face then ? Anyone know?
  4. moii

    Lazio - Inter (17 Dec 23) [0-2]

    if we win manage to win this game we gonne win the league!!!! lets go
  5. moii

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    will be huge if we can snatch up this win away in bergamo now lets go!!
  6. moii

    Inter - Benfica (3 Oct 23) [1-0]

    easy DUB
  7. moii

    Salernitana - Inter (30 Sep 23) [0-4]

    were top of the league man and its time to reevaluate the system? like its panic now right, we should all press the RED button. Let me guess your really fun at parties and have a very bright view on life right :D? Dude were top of the league and were so far this year (except sas game) looked...
  8. moii

    The Suning Commerce Group

    this is so true people tend to forget very quickly but the fact is BEPPE MORATTA is BY FAR our most valuable asset and people will do well to remember that the other side of that is misery of years to end without a vision and red line.
  9. moii

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    No hakan is way better than brozovic these days way better, hes superior in every aspect so a very good choice.
  10. moii

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    problem i have with dzeko the ball usually stops more often than not with him...if lukaku wasnt in super in-form it would be no arguments but it feels beyond stupid to have him on,,,hope i get proven wrong and it dont cost more half FORZA INTER
  11. moii

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    if lukaku woulda played we woulda been 2 up now....cant understand why a super in-form lukaku is on the bench while dzeko plays.. he takes stubborn to next level.
  12. moii

    Inter - Sassuolo (13 May 23) [4-2]

    win now and we can eliminate Milan from CL next year too. Lets go
  13. moii

    All time best Inter eleven

    yeah okei get it....nevermind peak ronaldo was basicly in his peak before injury at inter.. Nvm get it lists are fun and that way i guess depens on your criteria if its offered most at inter etc i totally get some of these list sure but if its simply the best inter 11 of all time 90% of these...
  14. moii

    All time best Inter eleven

    so whats this? Sorry didnt bother reading it all ill admit. More of a your most fav inter players of all time or? Surely any list without Ronaldo is not very legit if not Maezza etcetc i get it but noone of them was at Ronaldos lvl nvm cool thing tho but yeah gues im not sure if its your fav...
  15. moii

    All time best Inter eleven

    any list without Ronaldo is retarded....One of the best strikers in the history of the game if hes not included not worth watching ur list even..
  16. moii

    The Suning Commerce Group

    call me a sell out idc i just dont want sunning give me actually rich asshole instead of a poor one anyday of the week.
  17. moii

    Fiorentina - Inter (21 Sep 21) [1-3]

    Rotation we got atalanta coming up, you never heard of rotation retard?
  18. moii

    Beppe Marotta
  19. moii

    Beppe Marotta

    should definitely start appriciating the good things at inter and the rest of us should appriciate this brehme has 0 influence at inter :D
  20. moii

    Beppe Marotta

    100% Wasnt brehme saying years that lukaku was shit at Inter too? Like this guy trolling or were do he comes up with all his shit? Must be trolling right? Not that familiar since often lurking here but the guy sphew so much nonsense you wont even believe hes serious. Lukaku was a beast and is...