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  1. Besnik

    Inter - Empoli (1 Apr 24) [2-0]

    It was important bounce back after than false step against Napoli, so the team got the job done. Dimarco's goal was so beautiful. I can't complain about anything tonight. Glad that team managed to react properly and also keep a clean sheet.
  2. Besnik

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    Besides of making stupid moves in transfer market, their group chemistry is almost nonexistent.
  3. Besnik

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    There's less than 1% possibility that Inter bottles it. But I love how they're all of sudden back at it :lol:
  4. Besnik

    Yann Sommer

    Scandalous is reaction and drama around Acerbi situation. We are yet to find out official verdict from the judge, but regardless, we have plenty of good options even of his absence. I mean, he's been off due to an injury for a period, and we still managed to perform quite well despite not having...
  5. Besnik

    Yann Sommer

    Obviously, but also no reason to panic. A lesser quality goalkeeper can still be good enough for this team to seal the trophy in a few weeks.
  6. Besnik

    Stefan de Vrij

    Yeah could be blessing in disguise. This way, Inzaghi will probably have to use Bisseck in the centre, which may turn to be a great move.
  7. Besnik

    Bannings and Suspensions

    Whoever came with the idea of ban, should be thrown straight to gulag :D
  8. Besnik

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Loanzionale Buyano FC
  9. Besnik

    Bannings and Suspensions

    Oh what the fuck :D I have no idea what happened but since my IP address is same as Gal's, then I'd have to say that I have been living in Denmark for 7 years now. Most of times I browse forum through my work's PC, and sometimes through my wife's MacBook at home (and of course sometimes...
  10. Besnik

    Francesco Acerbi

    Ah yeas, the internet :lol:
  11. Besnik

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    I've seen this on Twitter calcio, haha this is beyond ridiculous at this point :lol:
  12. Besnik

    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Raspadori would've been a cool acquisition. Ideally, I'd love someone of bigger size and strength, but Raspa would be so nice too. Love his technical ability. Then again, Taremi is almost signed (been "here we go" for a while now), so having him and Raspa instead of Arna and Alexis would be an...
  13. Besnik

    Inter - Napoli (17 Mar 24) [1-1]

    Atletico managed to get through, and I sense a kind of giveaway match against Barca, considering their co-operations against Real Madrid. Atletico and Barca are like Milan and gobbi when it comes to their rivals, Inter and Real Madrid respectively. You may think that Atletico is risking their...
  14. Besnik

    Francesco Acerbi

    Lol people are so sensitive these days. I'm not defending racism by any means, but overreaction is getting out of hand. He should be punished according to rules and principles, but people need to chil the fuck down.
  15. Besnik

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    But during this time, gobbi has been on a transition, also plenty of new players (some flops, unproven youngsters and whatever else). I'd be glad if they sack him and bring a new coach tbh. But it's just me, having Allegri around for another season will bring headaches to rivals, of course if...
  16. Besnik

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    He knows how to win, and is an authoritative coach, isn't that enough indications to believe that their team could bounce back under Allegri?
  17. Besnik

    Davy Klaassen

    Inter is no Ajax. There's a different kind of pressure in here, so clubs and environments have different impact in players' morale. Klaassen has never looked confident in here. He never made any brainfart, but that's because he was too unknown and never looked to take any responsibility in these...
  18. Besnik

    Francesco Acerbi

    Why would you want Varane out of anyone? :lol:
  19. Besnik

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    I'd say that, away game atmosphere made more difference than anything else. Atletico was still quite vulnerable despite playing "perfectly", sadly we couldn't take advantage of that because we were too weak mentally and most of times ran away from responsibility. We have struggled quite a lot in...
  20. Besnik

    Marcus Thuram

    Very poor lately. Though it's impossible to not get involved in our current scheme which is quite all-rounded and dominant. Players like Arnautovic and Alexis get involved a lot, but they aren't as productive as expected, and sad thing is that Thuram has been underperforming as well.