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    Bayern Munich - Inter (15 Mar 11)

    I have to agree with Cafe we started the game perfectly but that paparra by julio cesar has deflated the whole team and bayern gained momentum. Again another lucky deflection to muller (great finish) after that bayern were all over us and we are seeing the difference in pace between the two...
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    Alexis Sanchez

    agreed. I feel like alot of people are underestimating his game and potential. He has lightning speed, great dribbling, he connects well with his teammates. If you've watched him play this season he has been playing alot more centrally this year and has been very dangerous. His goal scoring and...
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    Inter USA 2010

    i got tickets to Inter v Panathinakos in Toronto. Im very excited for the match. I'm right behind the net in the Inter supporter section great seats. Just wondering if people know where to get extra information. I'm wondering about if the team will have a training session the day before or of...
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    Mario Balotelli

    who's blaming jose? Its a fact that him and mario had beef thats what the point was. With jose gone thats no longer an issue and Rafa's appointment starts things fresh.
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    Mario Balotelli

    Couldn't agree more, his skills speak for themselves this guy has it all. Pace, Vision, Fantastic Dribbling, Finishing. His contributions in his limited playing time are tremendous. He always plays great against jube. We should be talking about giving him more starts and not a transfer. With...
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    Barcelona - Inter (28 Apr 10) []

    The anticipation is killing me, definetley the biggest game i can remember in my lifetime. I believe in this team and that it is our year. We have shown our character so many times throughout the season and we finally have our self belief and champion mentality in the CL. down 1-0 against...
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    Inter - Barcelona (20 Apr 10)

    well said and I think that issue is going to be key to this tie. We have a far greater chance of winning if the refs keep the whistle down and allow us to play physical but if they start calling all these little fouls and throwing out weak bookings its not going to bode well for us.
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    in what universe?
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    Happy bday Roberto

    thanks guys got my present early with the win over cska, gonna get really drunk tonight.
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    Champions League 2009/2010

    bayern playing really sloppy and they look nervous as hell. seems to me as though united is getting away with alot of fouls
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    Champions League 2009/2010

    exactly sneijder was absent at the 2-0 loss, motta has gotten into great form. Lucio-Samuel are a fantastic partnership and il principe and eto have been clutch. not to mention we played scared as fuck at the camp nou and mou's defensive gameplan went out the window after a horrible goal...
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    Champions League 2009/2010

    seems to be working for us thus far
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    Champions League 2009/2010

    In regards to us facing barca i agree with luka, we are arguably the best defensive team in the tournament and far superior to arsenal in that aspect. Also we won't be playing as reckless as arsenal, we have the steel in midfield to win tackles against barca. Also what killed arsenal is...
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    Inter Streams

    damn canadian sports channel isn't showing the inter match, can somebody please hookup a stream.
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    GDS & CDS Official Ratings

    "Always suffering. That was an athletic performance more than a psychological one." i have to agree with the gazzetta on that statement, we didn't seem in the game at all except for a few spells. I'm hoping that this is because we are 100% focused on CL and we have a great performance against...
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    Palermo - Inter (20 Mar 10)

    agreed completely bro, stan has been brutal since he came back. Motta definetley deserves a spot in the starting eleven. We definetley needed balo or rq today, simply because Nobody was taking on or running at defenders. We allowed palermo just to stay set and were content just passing the...
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    Champions League 2009/2010

    Agreed with most of the points in here, we can't really complain about this. cska tough? they have some quality players but considering we just defeated chelsea this is a good break for us. We're full of confidence and playing in russia won't be as difficult as the weather won't be so cold...
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    UEFA Europa League 2009/2010

    how old is oba now? (for real i know those fake african passports:D)
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    UEFA Europa League 2009/2010

    couldn't agree more rfu, Serie A for me is still a great league. There are so many quality teams every weekend is a struggle as we witnessed friday against catania. Whats hurting serie a lately is that the teams at the very top who represent us in europe are in a down period. Milan has been...
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    UEFA Europa League 2009/2010

    what about inter's performance against chelsea vs. bayerns against fiorentina. Give me a break, although bremen were impressive they also conceded 4 goals and both teams (valencia/bremen) play a very offensive game so it was a great match up.