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  1. joenetti

    Inter - Sassuolo (14 May 17) [1-2]

    we are too generous this season. Giving so many points to our opponents. Just hoping this season end quickly and hopefully suning do great in transfer window. To fellow interista, i know this is the worst moment to us, but The night is darkest just before the dawn. Forza...
  2. joenetti

    Napoli - Inter (2 Dec 16) [3-0]

    Man, supporting inter could get me a heart attack. Bring expectation high after fiorentina match. but slammed hard right after that.
  3. joenetti

    Milan - Inter (20 Nov 16)

    Our left side was our weak link in defence. Ansaldi made suso looked like robben or messi. We miss nagatomo :troll:
  4. joenetti

    Stefano Pioli

    in that case, the only way for us to win the league again with pioli is another calciopolli. because as far as i remember, mancio was bad with us before calciopolli
  5. joenetti

    Walter "Il Muro" Samuel

  6. joenetti

    Southampton - Inter (3 Nov 16) [2-1]

    Yes i wonder how? can someone explain. as i know they're not registered due to FFP
  7. joenetti

    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    so this dude is going along with the squad to Southampton? i thought he's not registered for UEL
  8. joenetti

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    when you said this i think of cappello. but tactically many peoples think capello is already expired
  9. joenetti

    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    In our situation, we need "Messiah" to help the team. FdB benched him because he's not Jesus. We got different Gabriel. That's the problem
  10. joenetti

    Frank de Boer

    I'm also sad about FdB out. But the results just too bad. Even the management that supported him couldn't help to defend him anymore. It's a pity. So what's next? another hiring a coach and then sack him again?
  11. joenetti

    Frank de Boer

    #IoStoConDeBoer is trending on twitter. i agree with this. even tough the results is bad, but sacking him could make the situation even worse
  12. joenetti

    Mauro Icardi

    He aplogized, hopefully the situation turns better after this
  13. joenetti

    Empoli - Inter (21 Sep 16) [0-2]

    i love this, but to see miangue there replacing santon kinda ironic. most of us have a high expectation to him back then, but he's today is :wallbang: hopefully miangue won't be santon II Me too, seeing him scoring goal with header is addictive to me :D
  14. joenetti

    Inter - Juventus (18 Sep 16)

    Cambiasso also free transfer and both wears #19. too bad he's out for next match, but i'd like to see JM and brozo play together.
  15. joenetti

    Inter - Hapoel Be'er Sheva (15 Sep 16) [0-2]

    At the first goal, the commentators saying inter defense like school boys, like school kids. :palm::palm: For pros like them it's retarded, unacceptable.
  16. joenetti

    Yuto Nagatomo

  17. joenetti

    Gabriel 'Gabigol' Barbosa

    what i hate about this kid and JM's transfer is i have to wait to see them play for inter because of international break. welcome and good luck Gabigol.
  18. joenetti

    Chievo - Inter (21 Aug 16) [2-0]

    after seeing our performance against chievo, this is really necessary. but he's said before, he doesn't want to be too strict like klopp in the beginning to avoid injuries.
  19. joenetti

    João Mário

    There was no drama. Just some crappy joke
  20. joenetti

    Portuguese Primeira Liga 2016/2017

    i've never seen him playing, but it seems he's in reality not as good as he's in CM :D he's a beast there, my favorite :)