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    Roberto Mancini

    Complete tactical ineptitude.
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    Lukas Podolski

    Watch him play in Germanys friendly and score a goal. Germany shirt: Good Podolski. Any other shirt: Invisible Podolski.
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    VfL Wolfsburg - Inter (12 Mar 15) [3-1]

    So no Champions league next season and its highly unlikely to qualify for Europa. 2015-16 season will be our fourth "year zero" in a row?
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    Inter - Celtic (26 Feb 15) [1-0]

    That is probably our best starting 11 on paper for Europa League. I just don't want to see a switch to the back 3 if we have a 1-0 lead with 23mins to go. Limit Celtic chances to run at Swiss cheese defense by maintaining possession and score when we have set piece opportunities. The more...
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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    Ugh. A decent second half, carrizo with some nice saves...then the defensive brain fart.
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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    Back 3 now...close up shop
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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    Hopefully the speed of the game slows down during 2nd half. Maintain possession, limit turnovers that lead to quick counters.
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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    browha, I think the first goal started with Kuz and his horrible attempt at a dive to intercept the pass...followed by a Benny Hill clip in the six yard box. Left side of our def has been abused. Edit: Saw replay, Santon jogged after Kuz mistake. Really poor.
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    Celtic - Inter (19 Feb 15) [3-3]

    Horrible defensive game thus far with all five goals coming from mistakes. I'd like to see Kova come on to assist with possession. We have been able to pass-move-pass through their mid/def and to break the press. Limit our turnovers so they can't break and abuse our LOLLERCOASTER defensive line.
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    Xherdan Shaqiri

    We actually have an attack force now! Yay!
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    Palermo - Inter (21 Sep 14) [1-1]

    4-4-2 unless Medel drops to CB.
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    Palermo - Inter (21 Sep 14) [1-1]

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    Fredy Guarín

    "Guarin launches a rocket into row Z!!!"
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    Torino - Inter (31 Aug 14) [0-0]

    Boring, lackluster attack completely lacking any creativity. We have 3 CBs covering two awful strikers and two midfielders that won't cross the midfield line. Passes are sideways or backwards and the attack only goes through Jonathan. As expected, more terrible Inter football.
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    Giacomo Bonaventura

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    2014/2015 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Jonas has been fazed out of Valencia's squad. Not an ideal addition due to his age (30) but he can play all the forward positions quite well. Due to his faze out he could be a decent, cheap player to rotate the SS with Palacio. Edit: Should be super cheap as they sold Banega to Sevilla for 2.5M
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    Stjarnan - Inter (20 Aug 14) [0-3]

    Yay a goal. Something to wake me up.
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    Inter 2014 Summer Schedule

    Well...yup...same old shit.
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    Gary Alexis Medel Soto

    So, what is the status of this transfer? Doesn't seem to be much progress the last few days.