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  1. Pani

    English Premier League 2017/2018

    Opinion challenge is not the same as lack of respect. In my previous post, I wrote that Serie A is far from great. I think that you are talking about Di Natale. So, yes, my opinion is that Di Natale and Toni could score a lot in EPL even now. We simply disagree, end of story.
  2. Pani

    English Premier League 2017/2018

    Replace "some" and "random" with facts and then we can discuss. Till then keep words like "fantasy" for yourself. If you can't respect an opposite opinion, put it in your signature, so nobody is interested in what you say.
  3. Pani

    English Premier League 2017/2018

    Serie A is far from great. However, it's a championship based on tactics and skill. Premier League is just a playground where people have fun. It is very easy for strikers to succeed in EPL.
  4. Pani

    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Apr 17) [5-4]

    I agree. Even if it had ended 5-5
  5. Pani

    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Apr 17) [5-4]

    One word only. SHAME
  6. Pani

    Domenico Berardi

    Atletico paid 16+2 to get Vrsaljko from Rube...possibly 25 won't be enough for Berardi...
  7. Pani

    Bologna - Inter (27 Oct 15) [0-1]

    Nice goal! Surely through practice in training! :D :D
  8. Pani

    Bologna - Inter (27 Oct 15) [0-1]

    Second game in a row ghost red card.
  9. Pani

    Bologna - Inter (27 Oct 15) [0-1]

    Icardi touched the ball!!!! :slick::slick::slick:
  10. Pani

    Bologna - Inter (27 Oct 15) [0-1]

    No creativity in midfield, no striker, mancio coach...destined to fail. I can't watch this team. My eyes suffer.
  11. Pani

    FIF Presents The Dramatic Last Day Of Mercato

    Samp for D' Ambrosio? We should ask 20 mil at least...
  12. Pani

    Carpi - Inter (30 Aug 15) [1-2]

    We take that we deserve... Mancini the man to blame...this is not a team.
  13. Pani

    Carpi - Inter (30 Aug 15) [1-2]

    Very bad game against a weak team. Guarin, Palacio the worse. Brozovic error prone too. Matos plays alone all our defense. Let's hope we will keep the victory. FORZA INTER
  14. Pani

    Inter - Vfl Wolfsburg (19 Mar 15) [1-2]

    Goalkeepers make the difference... Our defence is a joke of course.
  15. Pani

    Inter - Cagliari (28 Sep 14) [1-4]

    Sack him before second half! Don't let him enter the field...
  16. Pani

    Forza Inter Forums 10th anniversary

    Congrats guys for the forum! Happy FIF day! I registered 10 years ago, we were desperate to win, we became world champions and now we are rebuilding again. All these years we all were faithful and we will be for sure. I don't have enough time to make often comments in threads but I visit the...
  17. Pani

    Inter - Catania (26 Jan 14)

    Mazzari is disappointing...we don't need Messi to beat Catania at home...
  18. Pani

    Inter - Chievo Verona (13 Jan 14) Everything according to plan!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  19. Pani

    Italian Serie A 2013/2014

    I wonder why someone would invest money in Serie A??? Give the cup to Juve's embarassing.
  20. Pani

    Inter - Genoa (25 Aug 13)

    Good result. A well organized team. This year we play according to a plan. We may not win Serie A, but we won't be a team to laugh. FORZA INTER