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  1. JJSniper94

    Inter Jerseys

  2. JJSniper94

    Inter - Milan (9 Feb 20) [4-2]

    I love Pazzini! Tomorrow we can earn 3 points and be number 1 with Jube. FORZA INTER
  3. JJSniper94

    Inter - Fiorentina (29 Jan 20) [Coppa Italia] [2-1]

    It will be live on the official Facebook page of Serie A����(For free)
  4. JJSniper94

    Inter Jerseys

    The name on the back looks nice! I want to see it in real. I am in Milano tomorrow, does anyone know what time the team will be in the Nike factory store?
  5. JJSniper94

    SK Rapid Wien - Inter (14 Feb 19) [0-1] 👍🏻🔵⚫️
  6. JJSniper94

    Inter - Barcelona (6 Nov 18) [1-1]

    Just saw Zanetti in the match with Inter legenda.. We need him in this match��
  7. JJSniper94

    Inter - Tottenham (18 Sep 18) [2-1]

    De vrij plays awesome!
  8. JJSniper94

    Pre-Season 2018/2019

    How can I watch Inter TV?
  9. JJSniper94

    Inter official app

    Thank you very much! My Italian is not good enough to read the app haha. Still want to learn it though..
  10. JJSniper94

    Inter official app

    Is the app also available in English? I can’s find it...
  11. JJSniper94

    Crotone - Inter (16 Sep 17) [0-2]

  12. JJSniper94

    Inter - SPAL (10 Sep 17) [2-0]

    Voted for Skriniar as man of the match. What a game!
  13. JJSniper94

    Do you also support your local club?

    Feyenoord Rotterdam here. Went to the derby Feyenoord - Ajax. Very different in consideration with Inter - Milan haha. Feyenoord ended up with the title last season. I do support them, but I am a Inter supporter for life.
  14. JJSniper94

    Inter-Milan 15 october.

    I am planning to go this October. I was there last derby with the Milan goal in the final minute...
  15. JJSniper94

    Lazio - Inter (21 May 17) [1-3]

    No he isn't better then Spaletti in my opinion. But if we end with a middle class coach, then maybe give Vechi a chance.
  16. JJSniper94

    Lazio - Inter (21 May 17) [1-3]

    If all top coaches refuse to train Inter, maybe we can let Vechi coach Inter next season? Only if the top coaches don't want to train Inter.
  17. JJSniper94

    Lazio - Inter (21 May 17) [1-3]

    Yeaahh good goal by Andreolli!!
  18. JJSniper94

    Lazio - Inter (21 May 17) [1-3]

    Why not Gabigol instead of Candreva.... Gonna watch the game hope they win for the club. Forza Inter.
  19. JJSniper94

    Fiorentina - Inter (22 Apr 17) [5-4]

    Sub GABIGOL fucking shit coach....