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  1. Black&Blue

    Romelu Lukaku

    Only Conte is desperate to have this guy…….
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    Player Suggestions

  3. Black&Blue

    Ivan Perišić

    We never had Perisic this season, he's an aging and inconsistent player. Sell.
  4. Black&Blue

    Ivan Perišić

    Sell. Move on Chiesa!
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    Player Suggestions

    Be careful about Luis Alberto situation…. it seems really similar to the Goran Pandev saga of 2009
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    ARGENTINA Mauro Icardi (2013-) Lautaro Martinez (2018-) BELGIUM Radja Nainggolan (2018-) BRAZIL João Miranda de Souza Filho (2015-) Dalbert Henrique (2017-) CROATIA Marcelo Brozović (2015-) Ivan Perišić (2015-) Sime Vrsaljko (2018-) GHANA Kwadwo Asamoah (2018-) HOLLAND Stefan...
  7. Black&Blue

    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2018/2019

    Very strange and risky move by Milan anyway to get another player that price and they're in red of 126 million € right now and still have to find a deal with UEFA for settlement Agreement….
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    Luka Modrić

    Why this thread is still open?? Ausilio you better check a valid player to put in the midfield instead of that mediocre called Gagliardini
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    2018/2019 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    There's not a Mr. X for Midfield after Modric, Asamoah will be advanced in the midfield along with Gagliardini, Vecino, Brozovic, B.Valero and Emmers. With Keita coming we'll try to get Darmian on loan or another LB available with that formula and that's about it. ps. Barcelona dont accept...
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    2018/2019 Midfielders Rumours Thread

  11. Black&Blue

    Luka Modrić

    No Modric pic on the RM social media …..
  12. Black&Blue

    Player Suggestions

    The most concerning thing about this guy is that at the age of 23 nobody in Germany or Europe have taken him.
  13. Black&Blue

    Ivan Perišić

    Only for crazy offers we can consider to sell one of the best players that we have, probably over 80 million € nothing lesser.
  14. Black&Blue

    Piero Ausilio

    Brilliant business, but he need to win another challenge: selling Joao Mario :troll:
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    Joao Cancelo

    Cancelo looked good only under Spalletti for 6 months, why Santos preferred Cedric over him for the Portugal WC???
  16. Black&Blue

    João Mário

    I hope that Ausilio doesn't make another useless loan for this useless player….better money in or a useful player as swap from EPL even though the only player that we've been linked lately from the english league is Dembelè, I don't get where a player like Joao Mario can find a place in the...
  17. Black&Blue

    Luciano Spalletti

    Basically 3 starters are coming in (Asamoah,De Vrij + Lautaro Martinez), 1 is surely leaving (Cancelo) but for Rafinha there are still few chances. Icardi could leave if a top club will offer +100 millions €.... so we must expect a lot of movements this summer for sure.
  18. Black&Blue

    2017/2018 Forwards Rumours Thread

    The main concern is not if this player will leave or not (anyone can be replaced), the main concern is: how much Suning could spend? what's the "plan" to get Inter a Scudetto contender? These are our problems.
  19. Black&Blue

    Philippe Coutinho

    I think that both clubs have made a good business even though we all know that Coutinho value is not 160 million euro, never in his life, and the guy has to prove a lot at european stages, now the market is going in this way thanks to sheiks. As for us: I wish that Coutinho will be the last of...
  20. Black&Blue

    2017/2018 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    What about Theo Walcott? He's on his way to go from Arsenal after so much time.... Even though english doesn't adapt so well in the italian league historically I think he could fit well in Spallettis system and would give him a solid backup for Candreva/Perisic. The main problem is always the...