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  1. milton

    Inter - Atalanta (7 Apr 13)

    come up with something original and suck my treble
  2. milton

    Julio Cesar

    if it happens, no vote! he should go out automatically
  3. milton

    UEFA Champions League 2012/2013

    is this a joke? april fools day was yesterday
  4. milton

    UEFA Champions League 2012/2013

  5. milton

    Inter - Tottenham (14 Mar 13)

    to beat tottenham 3-0 without bale and take it into extra time is far from impossible, but i doubt the players really give a shit and probably won't even try
  6. milton

    UEFA Champions League 2012/2013

    if nani wants to practice the art of ninjutsu, then great, but don't do it on a football field and risk serious injury to an opponent
  7. milton

    UEFA Champions League 2012/2013

    Clear Red and going down to 10 men is no excuse to crumble and concede 2 goals in around 15 minutes at home we played barcelona and defended greatly with 10 men away from home for over an hour
  8. milton

    Catania - Inter (3 Mar 13)

    tough game but no need to worry, Schelotto will save us
  9. milton

    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    nothing those retards say ever makes any sense
  10. milton

    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    Well the loss tonight against Fiorentina was low, but we've never been this low: BBilan celebrating winning the serie B campionato They were so happy to be returning to serie A the following season, they even had a banner displaying the letter "A".
  11. milton

    Zdravko Kuzmanovic

    Welcome back Thiago
  12. milton

    Italian Serie A 2012/2013

  13. milton

    Mateo Kovačić

    Here's some interesting info regarding Kovacic, born in 1994: When milan were first relegated to serie B in 1980, he was minus 14 years old. During their second relegation in serie B in 1982, he was minus 12 years old. I hope this is helpful.
  14. milton

    Mateo Kovačić

    i've just seen him on youtube and can now confirm he's a mixture of Matthaus, Baggio, and Meazza, a future club legend!
  15. milton

    Mateo Kovačić

    so is this player worth getting excited about?
  16. milton

    Wesley Sneijder

    Look what he did when we won the CL against rubin kazan: gave assist to Milito for equalizing goal, then scored the winner chelsea away: assist to Eto'o CSKA at home: assist to Milito CSKA away: scored our only goal barcelona home: scored first goal and assist to Milito for 3rd goal bayern...
  17. milton

    Wesley Sneijder

    He was our second best player in the club's best ever season, he belongs in La Grande Inter without any doubt whatsoever.
  18. milton

    Italian speakers tattoo help.

    ci = there è = is (from the verb 'essere') the 'i' is dropped from the 'ci', because "c'è" is easier to say than "ci è"
  19. milton

    Fredy Guarín

    God save the Guarin.
  20. milton

    Juventus - Inter (3 Nov 12)

    probably the fastest ever offside goal in the history of world football jube are something else