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  1. bennyblanco

    Dejan "Deki" Stankovic

    yeh i take my words back actually after watching the game again, the thing that impressed me the most was his possesion of the ball but otherwise i agree.. thats what happens when you have a big Friday nite and have to back it up with watching Inter at 6 30 am the next day :D same with...
  2. bennyblanco

    Sinisa Mihajlovic

    great team you created Sinisa with some big scalps to show this term.. if anything the way your team is playing is fking awesome.. compusure on the bench and backing up your players through constant animated but simple instructions..well done champ;)
  3. bennyblanco

    Dejan "Deki" Stankovic

    i havent seen Deki composed with his passing and his on and off the ball comfortibility for a long time.. he is excelling at the DM position i reckon he completed 85% of his passing and the dogged defensive aspects of his game have returned to the fore.. hopefully he will play like that...
  4. bennyblanco

    Catania - Inter (12 Mar 10)

    terrible result by all means and kudos for Catania playing awesome football especially in the first half.. when you have two 6 foot plus CB's that couldnt win an aerial duel in our 16 yard box makes you wonder,was it the constant rain that bogged down 2 aerial giants.. Catania were certainly...
  5. bennyblanco

    Sulley Muntari

    lol what can i say, the quickest sending off in Serie A history they said on Espn.. i frequently cover up for him but today there is no way that i can say anything for the idiocy shown by Muntari..that was garbage at the least. the catalyst for our defeat for sure.. yes im converted..please go...
  6. bennyblanco

    Aleksandar Kolarov

    i believe that Kolarov is in a terrible form slump of late,like he isnt himself atm maybe its a way of showing Lotitio something but if he keeps on playing like this we will get him for cut price.. win win situation.. i know he scored a screamer a few weeks ago but his defending is like somewhat...
  7. bennyblanco

    Ricardo Quaresma

    there s a first for everything,nearly two years :lol: a true baby step but im happy for him just dont want to wait another two
  8. bennyblanco

    Thiago Motta

    great post,whack it in the Muntari thread please bros:star: our right flank has always got some type of support or someone going there as the play always seems to be fluent on the right.. Stanko and Cambi are always running to it or using Maicon wide..why dont they do it to the left flank...
  9. bennyblanco

    Happy b-day bes

    happy bday champ:)
  10. bennyblanco

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    good luck with the first game,always a cracker bros i just came back from Terrigal and even up there they reckon the Knights can topple the Dogs on SAT NITE, cant fukcing going to the Dogs v Knights game 1000000000%.. Corey Paine(yes the player from Tigers now at Dogs got me MAD...
  11. bennyblanco

    Goran Pandev

    in his first month he was giving it his all and that directly contributed to the fatigue factor in his second month... over burn and thats it,also when you play with a player less onfield due to red cards the effort factor is twice as much and Pandev had to work overtime in 3 games i believe...
  12. bennyblanco

    Sulley Muntari

    fukcing great post man,also the Benoit Cauet comparison is gold:star: if i can add that Muntari is used out of position on the left for one that he is constantly helping the mid in every possible defensive chore for two that he is the only bread winner in that mid besides the DM for three that...
  13. bennyblanco

    Inter - Genoa (7 Mar 10)

    another what thye fukc performance i reckon, instead of capitalising on our foes draw we draw ourselves.:thumbsdo: Stankovic was the standout for me as far as distribution and commitment and the CN rightly applauded his efforts at the subbing JZ for motivation and Maicon in terms of starting...
  14. bennyblanco

    Happy bday sergiu.inter

    happy bday cuz,all the best :)
  15. bennyblanco

    Sulley Muntari

    great nstuff from sure Money Mike will be pleased that he is back in the Ghana NT and captain aswell:) the stars have turned,Mars is into Jupiter :lol:expect some big things from Muntari :star:
  16. bennyblanco

    Mario Balotelli

    big ticks to SMB.. watched glimpses of the game and was overwhelmed by some things he done.. keep it up :star:
  17. bennyblanco

    Goran Pandev

    its not just the Macedonians, but the whole region of certain people in the Balkans.. if JG knew that all Yugo players couldnt leave before the age of 26 for one, could only play in teams that had allowance for 3 foreigners of any sort generally in Europe had to do military service during...
  18. bennyblanco

    Udinese - Inter (28 Feb 10)

    didnt watch the game,happy with the 3 points :).. a win is a win is a win
  19. bennyblanco

    Goran Pandev

    mate i dont have to ask shit,im not here for friendships nor to lie ... whilst i was sucking on my dads dick your local catholic priest was abusing and fondling you and your little buddies, wasnt he?:lol: .. please spare me your glory, as i was wanted by half the Serie A in my time :lol: ..go...