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  1. il magnifico

    Tottenham - Inter (2 Nov 10)

    Rafa's biggest mistake was Biabiany. He never tracked back, ever. Rafa should have known though his experience against Spurs that Assou-Ekotto would make overlapping runs the entire game with Bale. That's his game. This left Maicon to deal with Bale and A-E by himself. Saying that, it takes...
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    its normally tape, but can also be a different sock. like has been said above, most players will tape their shin guards into place to keep them from moving own their legs during the game. for other players, they will wear a different sock inside their boots than the team sock for personal...
  3. il magnifico

    La Curva Nord

    i understand the reasoning behind it, but still, i miss the coreos and silence will just be strange.
  4. il magnifico

    La Curva Nord

    i dont like it. :sob: :sob:
  5. il magnifico

    INTER games on TV (USA)

    FSC has pretty much every game. the reasons they havent in the past was until last year they did not have serie a rights. coppa games are on goltv. as for primavera games, i dont think primavera sides ever get coverage anywhere.
  6. il magnifico

    Reggina - Inter (Coppa Italia) (19 Dec 07)

    solari goal. 1-3
  7. il magnifico

    Reggina - Inter (Coppa Italia) (19 Dec 07)

    1-2 Reggina goal. orlandoni at fault for the goal, you cant parry the ball back in the middle of the pitch. balotelli is impressing me tonight. playing well above his age.
  8. il magnifico

    Retro Inter shirts

    if your in the UK, soccer scene normally has a couple of racks of toffs in their stores. mostly english clubs, but ive seen a few inter kits
  9. il magnifico

    Retro Inter shirts

    never bought from the store, but i've seen alot of their stuff in respectable stores, so id say its trustworthy. i would consider toffs the top of the line for retro kits. but saying that, ive never bought from the site.
  10. il magnifico

    Retro Inter shirts
  11. il magnifico

    Juventus - Inter (4 Nov 07)

    what do you expect. theyre a bunch of serie b players just hacking away at a proper squad
  12. il magnifico

    Emirates Cup (28 - 29 Jul 07)

    i was impressed with inter today. playing with a squad consiting of mostly players viaing for a seat on the bench for any real game against an arsenal sqaud that was basically at full strength, gibbs and maybe hoyte wouldnt normally be on the squad, they managed to almost grind out a result...
  13. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008 looks more realistic than the one posted. has the accents on the sleeves that nike current kits have. slightly different than the one posted before.
  14. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008

    are we sure that the home jersey here is real? it seems too fake. the neckline looks more like a training shirt than like necklines on other nike kits released this year. the arsenal third kit, which also has a collar, doesnt have that elastic v on the neckline, and i would suspect that almost...
  15. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008

    i doubt it. their terms of service probably protect against this happening. you have to agree to them to buy from the site, so theyve more than likely covered themselves.
  16. il magnifico

    Happy birthday lads!

    thanks guys.
  17. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008

    its the cross of st george, not st charles just to be techincal. but yes, the color has meaning. there is no reason for inter to be walking around with the flag of finland on their chest. that just makes no sense.
  18. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008

    this is what i was referring to. i have no idea why we are arguing to be honest. i think we both agree that the cross is there as a symbol of milan and not christianity. i was just making the point, to the people, and theyre have been, that have said its not a religious symbol, that even though...
  19. il magnifico

    Inter jerseys 2007/2008

    you never made any points that contradicted any of mine. my original post that you quoted said that to deny that the cross has anything to do with religion is ignorant. youve said it doesnt have any religious undertones. and thats wrong. it wasnt chosen because of the reliious undertones, but...