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  1. InteristaMensur

    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    I don't think so, I remember that when crespo was here first time he signed new contract and have been sold to Roman in the same summer
  2. InteristaMensur

    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    as u can see I have adriano as my favorite player but it's all bussnis, I would sell him if someone would offer 50-60 million euros
  3. InteristaMensur

    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    I have three words for you man and thats: POWER OF SUGGESTION Adriano already build his reputation as world-class player and selling him would look like the most ridiculous thing and bealive me Moratti doesn't wont to look like an idiot one more time, he had it enought!!!
  4. InteristaMensur

    Cheers from Romania

    yeah welcome man!!! p.s. does anywhan have any web site to recomend me to download some inters songs?
  5. InteristaMensur

    Please Read! Forza Inter Members' Page

    Real Name - Mensur Hamzic Date of Birth - 05/01/1989(dd/mm/yy) Country -Montenegro ( Crna Gora) Favorite Player - Adriano Supported Inter since - when Ronalde came to Inter( not sure what year that was) Squad Number - I'm a goalkeeper so it will be no. 1 A phrase, quote, -get rich or die trying...
  6. InteristaMensur

    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    yeah pitty because he I alway specialy like players that played in inter primaver team and how I like to call martins "our bambino" :D
  7. InteristaMensur

    Fabio Grosso

    well chino can't be captain because he almost never plays, so I think that next capiten will be cordoba, beside he was captain in last year cup Final against Roma when JZ was on international duty
  8. InteristaMensur

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Excelent point pravesh and did you people concider that Crespo is 31 and he wont be long in top form, what then???
  9. InteristaMensur

    A Transfer Guru

    the newest roumor is that Inter is very interested to sign T.Henry
  10. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Fiorentina

    guys I know I m a bit late but I just wonted to say that I love this inter just LOVE I mean materazzi and just great Figo,stankovic,cambiaso,veron took evrything under control martins also great adriano didn t do so great but he gave that ball to figo just perfect
  11. InteristaMensur

    Palermo - Inter

    will martins be fit for Palermo
  12. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Treviso

    francly i didn`t watch the match but I was told that he was very insecure
  13. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Treviso

    I prefer JC...he is more reliable
  14. InteristaMensur

    Walter "Il Muro" Samuel

    So you are buddhist right?
  15. InteristaMensur

    Going to Turin

    I would come but I live in fu..i.g Montenegro who is not in fu..i.g EU so I need fu..i.g VISA Which is very expencive and hard to get :frustrat:
  16. InteristaMensur

    Hello everyone :)

    :star: WELCOME :star:
  17. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Treviso

    No,veron playd few time like RW last season and he was terrible.
  18. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Treviso

    and this match figo will play for certan
  19. InteristaMensur

    Inter - Treviso

    Cezar Zantri, Cordoba,Samuel,Wome Figo,Pizaro ,Cambiaso,Stankovic Adriano,Martins After firt half mancini should give recoba chance and I wonted to put solari isntead Stankovic but than it would be too offensive