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    Milan - Inter (28 Oct 06)

    All star milanistas' version Inter once told me the world doesn't revovle around me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed dida was looking kind of dumb with his finger and his thumb In the shape of an "L" on his forehead Well the goals start coming and they don't stop coming Back to the...
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    Inter - AC Milan - Juventus (Tim Trophy) (31 Aug 06)

    thats Cesar for ya :D .........................................................................................
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    Handoyo does America

    first u have to contact ur embassy to have a paper as a replacement for ur passport , then go to the imigration office in ur uni and ask them to have new I-20 and I-94. It would take two weeks to have a new I-20
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    RIP Giacinto Facchetti

    I thought it was In My Horrible Opinion :D
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    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    he was 17 back then for god sake
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    the point of that mini video is to show his determination and how he fight for every ball
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    hamad u really should see this
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    we really should go for miccoli this guy is great and he's so under-rated he won't cost much
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    Midfielders Rumours Topic

    he's brazilian
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    The Nerazzurri video & audio thread

    jz and stan dribbling
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    Inter - Villarreal

    he can't be the best transfer this summer since we got him in january, he's the best transfer this winter and no one can argue about that
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    Inter - Villarreal

    I admire stankovic for his fighting spirit and this game by far is his best game for us this season but when people say that his performance was average as if he had done better consistently , thats imo is disgusting
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    Inter - Villarreal

    do me a favor mention them for me :) did u guys saw moratti screaming at the ref i never saw him that angry before ,i bet he wanted to kill cesar and wome too
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    Inter - Villarreal

    do u honestly believe that stan had better games for inter than this one if so please remind of them cuz i have short memory
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    Obafemi Akinwunmi "Oba" Martins

    when i first saw his goal against villarreal i was like wtf so he really has some talent after all but after watching the reply i found out it wasn't a back-heel :D
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    Inter - Villarreal

    the only hope veron has left to play in the world cup is to outshine Riquelme in these two games, i believe he will be extremely motivated to prove his worth. i say he will kick riquelme a$$ real hard until riq forget the pain and start used to it, riq wil be veron's b!tch for the next two games
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    yea he's argnentinian , can't wait to see in WC06 alongside messi check this out aguero
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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    we should really try to get Agüero he's a great talent and he's only 17 years old Sergio Aguero vs River Plate
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    Captain Tsubasa

    hey guys check out the old captain tsubasa game on nintendo love the music use the nnnesterj.exe to open the tsubasa2.nes to play the game enjoy
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    Inter - Ajax

    this isn't training u know u should have 11 players there :D