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    Tottenham - Inter (7 Mar 13)

    ...and Chivu in the starting XI. SHEEEEEEEEEEEIIT.
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    Juan Jesus

    great news
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    Massimo Moratti

    :lol: their wages should be reduced significantly, just like their playing time (at least Chuchu's)
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    Mario Balotelli

    just for the record mate, use the term 'punk', 'dipshit', 'fuckwit' or 'cunt' for any person wearing a bilan shirt. For the word 'fucker' may have positive meanings as well!
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    John Carew

    as a matter of fact, even calling Julio R. Cruz back for the tall header forward role would be more decent and reasonable than this guy.
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Andrea Ranocchia

    people tend to forget what happened two years ago when Chivu was played as a CB against bb. I say 10 out of 10 Times I prefer Mbaye over any of silvestre or chivu as cb. not so sure about Chuchu. but the best would be If Rano would be back anyway.
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    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    any update on the weather forecast for sunday evening?
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    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    a back 3 with Chivu = INTER GANG RAPED clearly our only hope may be muntari doing a brainfart on the other side. is he still there btw?
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    Inter - Milan (24 Feb 13)

    Chivu? :oblivious: :yao: :chan:
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    Andrea Stramaccioni

    Derby will be a mega-embarrassment. moron ass balotelli and co. will laugh at the face of those few who have enough courage to show up. I just feel bad for the new players, who may have thought they'll take a step further in their respective carriers. oh well :oblivious:
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    Yuto Nagatomo

    I love this guy :lol:
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    Cristian Chivu

    Chivu :chan:
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    Cristian Chivu

    did they have any seasons together in ajax?
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    Philippe Coutinho

    oh man. selling for mother-FUCKING-13 million?? or even 15M ? that is going to be even larger faucked-up facepalm embarrassment than all the rest of branca's shit.
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    Wesley Sneijder

    it's clear now who is at fault here...
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    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    most meaningful part of a great post :lol:
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    Taribo West

    I remember a Zanetti interview where Pupi told a story about this guy: the coach told him to mark his man upclose, then after he failed to do that, the coach asked him why? so he said "becuase God told me not to" :palm: tyical case when someone gives religous ppl a bad name...
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    Yuto Nagatomo

    :yuno: stop doin dumb shit making such a stupid fault at the opponents half, one goal up, is just :chan: :serious: