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  1. AbdiWirajaya

    Happy b-day CafeCordoba

    Happy birthday 🎉 🥂
  2. AbdiWirajaya

    Beppe Marotta

    Saturday March 20 2021 Inter director Marotta leaves hospital By Football Italia staff Inter director Beppe Marotta has been released from hospital after 10 days of treatment for COVID-19. The former Sampdoria and Juventus chief will be home for his 64th birthday next week. Reports from the...
  3. AbdiWirajaya

    It did happen once to me pre-Suning era. I made a new one. :yao:
  4. AbdiWirajaya

    UEFA Champions League Fantasy

  5. AbdiWirajaya

    the forum is slow

    I've gotta use VPN to access the main page
  6. AbdiWirajaya

    The Suning Commerce Group

    I'm sorry man, but I have to laugh :awyeah:
  7. AbdiWirajaya

    Geoffrey Kondogbia an OnePiece fan, I have a soft spot for him since I knew he's fan of the anime.
  8. AbdiWirajaya

    Happy birthday Shark and Batman

    Happy birthday :slick:
  9. AbdiWirajaya

    Portuguese League 2018/2019

    I suddenly remember this article
  10. AbdiWirajaya

    Inter Streams

    Been using these two since the beginning of 2018/2019 season I use the later one frequently
  11. AbdiWirajaya

    Christian Vieri

    I'm not trying to justify that Icardi > Vieri IMO, both of them has their own style of play and come from different era. But, here's on 3:50 Icardi did the same movement like Vieri vs Starjnan in different angle. Or_HG_8pdh0
  12. AbdiWirajaya

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Whoa...there's one Indonesian name as one of the board of directors. Thought that will be none after ET sold his shares
  13. AbdiWirajaya

    Italian Serie A 2018/2019

    I didn't follow Piatek closely, only glimpses of his highlight. He did pretty well with Genoa. Recent player that had half season wonder is Eder. He managed to score 12 goals with Samp in 2015/2016 in 19 appearances and only scored 1 in 14 appearances with us. Different playing style and coach...
  14. AbdiWirajaya

    Milan Škriniar

    There's one detailed article written by mutual on Twitter. It's in Indonesian language. Based on what he's written, that certain ability lies in his timing, his ability to read opponent movement, and optimizing his upper body movement. In his article, he explains how he could make it not to look...
  15. AbdiWirajaya

    HBD Supreme Leader

    Selamat Ulang Tahun Mas Han :slick:
  16. AbdiWirajaya

    Inter - PSV (11 Dec 18) [1-1]

    I hope it'll end earlier :fffuuu:
  17. AbdiWirajaya

    Milan Škriniar

    Those three took picture in Fondazione PUPI event
  18. AbdiWirajaya

    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    My brother and I cried when Chino scored the third goal vs Sampdoria and made us won the match. Always love him since his debut.
  19. AbdiWirajaya

    Radja Nainggolan

    The one that I remember is Hugo Campagnaro
  20. AbdiWirajaya

    Inter - Genoa (3 Nov 18) [5-0]